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Understanding counselling and psychotherapy, D240-14j, Open University - Essay Example

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The approaches included self-administered online therapies and therapist-delivered cognitive behavioural aspects. The study provided substantial knowledge on…
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Understanding counselling and psychotherapy, D240-14j, Open University
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Extract of sample "Understanding counselling and psychotherapy, D240-14j, Open University"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the study focused on the various ways of development of therapeutic relationships in the experiments. The other objective was comparing the relationships among the three therapeutic approaches including cognitive therapy, supportive/self-directed therapy and focused expressive psychotherapy. The two scales of the study were used to provide information on the validity of the instruments.
The research embraced a quantitative methodology of data collection and analysis. Data collected from satisfaction reports has been used to enhance the delivery of the self-administered computerized CBT in the study. All participants were asked to provide responses to gain more information on the level of satisfaction of the employed therapeutic approach. The qualitative methodology was used in providing understanding opinions from the therapist and experts in the cognitive behaviour approaches.
Comparison of the experiments was done through the Chi Square approach. Moreover, randomization was further embraced to ensure the independence of all the participants. Two instruments have been used in the data gathering process that includes the Satisfaction with Online Treatment to determine the participants response towards the delivered treatment) and the Beck Depression Inventory that assess depression symptoms among the participants2.
The study revealed various findings that have been generalized based on the results of both experiments. The findings have been discussed in a detailed approach in the article based on the rate of success of the aims and objectives. The self-administered computerized (cCBT) group registered that the approach was easy to administer and had long lasting effects3. Additionally, the results have a common foundation with the eCBT that included anonymity and self-control. Despite both experiments having a different mode of relativity, there were found out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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