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Relational Approach to Counselling - Essay Example

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Relational Approach to Counselling Introduction The importance of counselling in our day to day co-existence can never be underestimated. The importance and need for counselling lies in the fact that none of us is infallible and all-knowing. Like the proverbial brother’s keeper, we all need the ideas and psychological support of other people at one point in time or the other…
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Relational Approach to Counselling
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Download file to see previous pages But for whatever the need for counselling is, it is extremely important that the counsellor at the hem of the process follows strict principles and guidelines in order to achieved success. The kind of principles to follow in a particular counselling session is largely dependant on the counselling approach used by the counsellor. Among the several counselling approaches, the relational approach is one approach that comes with a lot of principles and conditions that cannot be overlooked in the course of any counselling session. The use of relational approach to counselling has very influential impact on the counselee and even the counsellor. The relational approach also has its own weaknesses and therefore needs a lot care and professionalism in its use. Overview of Relational Approach to Counselling Relational approach to counselling is seen in the perspective of Mearns and Cooper (2005) as a person centred or individual centred technique towards counselling whereby the counselee is given a lot of attention and prominence by the counsellor. In relational approach to counselling, the counselee is seen as an impactful stakeholder in the counselling session. ...
In this direction, Page (1999) explains that relational centred counselling has been tried and proven in research has been found to be a valid therapy that draws upon current developments in not just psychoanalytic but also in psychodynamic and humanistic theories. This confirms the notion by Erskine Moursand & Trautman (1999) that relational approach to counselling goes beyond empathy to include actual participation by the client rather than an assumption of what he or she is going through. With relational approach to counselling, the client is brought closer through contact; such that by the end of the entire experience, there becomes a relationship developed between the counsellor and the counselee. Different perspectives of Relational Approach to counselling – the UK and USA Origins In both the United States and United Kingdom, relational approach to counselling is held in highest esteem. In both parts of the perspectives, relational or person-centred counselling started in the 1950s and 1960s. The little difference is that in the United States of America, relational approach was started as an integral factor of human potential movement that was firmly rooted on the principles of psychotherapy (Mann, 1997). Ever since, relational approach to counselling in the United States of America has followed that perspective whereby not just counsellors back and advocate concentration on the counselee but also involved other psychology experts. In the United States of America, counsellors believe that each individual; including the counselee or the client has potential to achieve success and any changes they want in their life. Because of this perspective, the client is given much room to operate during ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relational Approach to Counselling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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