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The Importance of Translation Experience for Applying to the Position of Staff Translator - Essay Example

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This paper "The Importance of Translation Experience for Applying to the Position of Staff Translator" focuses on the author's appliance to the position of staff translator in order to improve his skills of interpersonal communication to show his abilities to translate the message. …
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The Importance of Translation Experience for Applying to the Position of Staff Translator
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Translation Experience for Applying to the Position of Staff Translator"

Download file to see previous pages To make such texts I am creative, it means that I can recreate the text to make it understandable for TA. I have an eye for details, so all even small details will be preserved during the translation. I do not mean every language units, some of them translator can omit; because, the sense presents the greatest importance. I am adaptable, therefore I can easily switch the language from one to another. It means that consequent or even simultaneous translation would not be the problem for me.
All skills which I have now, I acquired during my education and practice. It means that I aware of the main skills relevant to the position of translator. Though I have no much experience of actually working with languages, I can say that during our practical assignments, translations were carried out clearly and understandable. Moreover, theoretical knowledge means much considering working with languages.
Speaking about my personal skills I can underline management skills which allow me to lead a team of translators to bring more effective results and produce translated texts even quicker. Even in the position which supposes independent work, good management skills will be very useful to direct the team to good execution of projects. Management skills also refer to my ability to drive myself to the set aim.
One more effective skill that belongs to the personal skills is an ability to maintain good communication. It is useful considering communication with a customer, communication with teammates and at last with an audience, to whom the translation is made. Such skills are inevitable, due to the nature of the profession. All translation is based on the maintaining of communication between two or more people. Therefore, it is good to have such skills considering translation.
There are many issues need to be solved during the translation activity and translator should be able to deal with them. Therefore one more effective skill is good problem-solving.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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