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Technical Skills Essential to the Role of Secretarial Administration - Essay Example

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This paper "Technical Skills Essential to the Role of Secretarial Administration" has been written in an attempt to discuss the correct technical skills essential to the role of secretarial administration. It will cover the following generalizations/principles/theories. …
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"Technical Skills Essential to the Role of Secretarial Administration"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher will begin with the statement that his experience in administration began when he was appointed as personal secretary to the Director-General of the Department of Arts and Culture. The researcher’s duties included the giving of administrative support to the Director-General. His main focus was administrative leadership, security and control functions which facilitated internal and external communication of the Head of Department with Top Management, Board Members and Agencies receiving state funding for arts and culture. The author got familiar with the Department’s policy regarding its system of correspondence, which included the drafting of internal memoranda, letters, and submissions for approval of funding proposals according to the system of delegation. In the researcher’s 10 years of employment with the Department, he prepared agendas for board and in-house meetings, took notes and set-up minutes of the meetings. The author had to organize internal staff meetings and provide all related documentation to the program managers (heads of the department’s divisions) like the financial executive director. Of his functions were to build a complete and efficient filing system in the form of paper files for back-up as well as an electronic filing system which kept track of each matter under discussion. Each unresolved matter was given a deadline date and the computer programme gave a daily print-out of outstanding matters with regard to urgent bookmarks for immediate attention that day. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technical Skills Essential to the Role of Secretarial Administration Essay.
“Technical Skills Essential to the Role of Secretarial Administration Essay”, n.d.
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