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Nursing leadership and management style - Article Example

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Therefore, this paper shall address the childcare health consultancy health care setting (Holosko and Taylor, 1992). The childcare…
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Nursing leadership and management style
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it is a position and necessity that all the expertise in the childcare health consultancy is experienced in child health and development (Braveman and Tarimo, 1994). Moreover, they must have the knowledge about the distinct needs that concern the children in and out of home childcare settings.
Mission: The mission of this health institution is to provide basic childcare health consultancy towards preventing harm and promoting optimal health programs towards bettering the child health care services. Additionally, the consultant aims at liaising with other health professionals as well as relevant community organizations.
Mission Statement: The mission statement of the child care health consultancy seeks to establish a strong relationship with the child health care providers by identifying, implementing, and evaluating strategies towards achieving quality child health care services including the establishment of basic health and safety operational plans and guidelines to the children health care providers (Pilnick, Hindmarsh, and Gill, 2010).
Organisational Structure: this health care institution has numerous department departments and practitioners since it targets children with different health needs. The chief consultant who will be in charge of the institution heads the institution and he/she will be the final decision maker of the institution. Under the chief consultant, there are numerous departments including medicine, pharmacy, nursing, chiropractic, and allied health among other care providers (Pilnick, Hindmarsh, and Gill, 2010). Notably, most of the works are done by the primary care, secondary care as well as tertiary care. The consultant has a series of field health practitioners who are responsible for collecting child health care data as well as sensitizing the community of the advantage and the importance of the child health care consultancy for the society and its health care related concerns.
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