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Situational Leadership and it's Impact in Healthcare - Research Paper Example

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This paper illustrates situational leadership theory as a unique management style that can be incorporated into any organization. In this case, nursing requires this style because it proves the best when handling uncertainties involved…
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Situational Leadership and its Impact in Healthcare
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Extract of sample "Situational Leadership and it's Impact in Healthcare"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that in situational leadership, as the employee’s level of knowledge and ability to perform tasks improves, a leader can modify the leadership style to apply. This means the roles of coaching, delegating, directing and supporting vary with maturity. Situational leadership, according to Hersey and Blanchard is important in that it values recognition of extremes. On one side of the extreme, a leader can apply positional authority while on the other side; a leader can delegate authority to enhance freedom among the junior workers. In nursing, a leader can base on two variables; the willingness of junior employees to take up assignments and the ability to post results when determining the extreme to rely on. This plays a critical role especially when a doctor wants to delegate some duties to a nurse. To do so, there must be a level of maturity in a nurse for delegation to happen. The more a senior person delegates, the less work he or she can perform. Since nursing is all about accountability and perfection, it can be easy to trace and get a nurse accountable for mistakes. However, a leader in such a position must take active participation in order to strike a balance between accountability and service delivery and reduce fear among employees. Situational leadership in nursing can help officials in establishing and improving communication and collaboration. According to American Management Association, communication is very important in sustaining and improving productivity. Since it is a flexible leadership style, it can be very easy in cultivating loyalty and improving self-reliance. Nursing requires self-discipline and loyalty since it is a profession that deals with a range of health complications. In order to administer effective medication, there must be communication between doctors and relevant offices and through loyalty; nurses can perform their duties while observing all instruction to the later. It can also be useful should anything strange happen to patients since communication channels will ensure quick responses to problems at hand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Situational Leadership and it'S Impact in Healthcare Research Paper.
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