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How leadership can be pivotal to creating high performance clinical teams - Essay Example

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Organisations including healthcare settings are structures with a ‘collage’ of humans doing their allocated work under the supervision of a leader, for the benefit of the organisation as well as them. These workers will normally be apportioned into different departments for…
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How leadership can be pivotal to creating high performance clinical teams
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Download file to see previous pages From time immemorial, the success or failure of an organisation or any other human activity depends on the role, the leader plays. The leader is the one who can lead humans under him/her to ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’. If the leader follows a set of traits he/ she can ‘sprinkle’ success on many lives, including the workers in his/her organisation as well as other people who are under their care. A leader will normally take over or preside over or manage an existing organisation. That is, the building or recruiting of the ‘group’ of workers as well as the installation of infrastructure, set up etc, would have already taken place, with the leader only leading and managing the organisation and servicing the people or customers. This job of taking an existing set up and managing it, brings in set of challenges, which can be taken care by formulating certain strategies or solutions. That is, challenges can be overcome by the leaders themselves by implementing the various leadership styles according to the situations and needs.
Leadership is considered as the art of motivating and leading a specific group of people to function in a certain optimal way, to achieve the set targets. A competent and able leader can actualize an apt working environment for the employees including nurses in a healthcare setting, according to the needs to the situation. Needs of the situation in the sense, in an organisation the situations, targets and even the obstacles will not be the same. Each day organisations including health care organisations would need to set new goals, face new challenges and so initiate new processes. A leader consciously or unconsciously adapts any one of the leadership styles according to the processes or situations. Then with the adapted and relevant leadership style, the leader can adjust the employees to the new processes. Leaders ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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