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This research aims to evaluate and present enhancing teamwork at Communico Company. The argument in the paper will be based on comparison of Larson and LaFasto’s team leadership model and Katzenbach and Smith’s effective team working model. …
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Enhancing Teamwork At Communico Company
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is organizational leadership assessment, a strategic tool for enhancing the effectiveness of teams in organization. Smith, Montagno and Kuzmenko argue that team effectiveness is a critical aspect for ensuring the profitability of an organization. As a graduate trainee employed by ‘CommuniCo’ a large UK-based mobile phone manufacturing company, I have come up with this advice paper to recommend the planning of an initiative to improve teamwork amongst managers and shop-floor workers. Cohen and Bailey describe that there are different definitions of a team within the context of an organization. Cohen and Bailey explain that a team is a collection of interdependent individuals in their tasks, share duties for outcomes, they see themselves and are viewed by others as an integral social unit embedded in another larger social system and manage their interaction within the organizational boundaries. According to Cohen and Bailey although different authors use the word team and group interchangeably; she asserts that groups vary in their degree of ‘groupness’ with some groups being more integrated and interdependent than others. Katzenbach and Smith observes that they used the term; team to refer to groups that develop high degree of ‘’groupness’’. On the other hand, given that most previous authors had focused their studies on ineffective teams, Larson and LaFasto directed their energies on exploring different aspects of effective leadership as noted by Irving and Longbotham. (2007, p. 104). Consequently, given the diverse approach that the two different case studies used in evaluating team leadership models, I have chosen to base my analysis on the models they developed on effective team leadership. Katzenbach and Smith’s work is particularly important in that the two went further and defined a team as individuals who show high level of integration. The two case studies in-turn came up with high standards for a team in their generic model of effective team working. I therefore wish to benchmark teamwork initiative at CommuniCo with a hybrid of the two models to guarantee the success of our organization. According to Cohen and Bailey (1997, p.241) there are four different types of teams in an organization which include; work teams, management teams, parallel teams and project teams. Cohen and Bailey (1997, p. 242) explains that effectiveness in an organization include diverse outcomes that are important in an organization. The levels of evaluating effectiveness can be analyzed from an individual, business unit, group or organizational level. The effectiveness is categorized into three dimensions depending on its impact on the team. These include performance effectiveness which is assessed in terms of quality and quantity of the output, behavioral outcomes and members’ attitudes. The argument on this paper will base on the writing of various authors who have analyzed the works of Larson and LaFasto and that of Katzenbach and Smith. Planning a Teamwork Initiative for the Company Team buildings is a critical aspect in any organization be it a school, nonprofit organization, a firm or a religious group and are implemented with an intention of improving the performance of a team (Lencioni, 2002, p.10-12 and Naquin and Tynan, 2003, p. 332). Team building may involve use of various practices that are used to bring together a specific group within an organization or initiatives aimed at bringing the all the members of an organization with an effort to improve the performance. CommuniCo Company has proposed to implement an initiative to improve teamwork across the company. Burgoynem (2001, p.35) notes that team building is important in an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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