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Persronal statment 672737 - Essay Example

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My love for electronics my career choice ever since I was young. Currently, I am studying electrical engineering and the university, a development that portrays the maturity…
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Persronal statment 672737
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Extract of sample "Persronal statment 672737"

Download file to see previous pages While I did not succeed in repairing the watch that marked the inception of a desire that would later land me at the university studying electrical engineering. The career is as interesting as it is challenging.
Dedication is a personality trait that best describes my personality. I set priorities and order my life based on the same. I developed my interest in electronics by overcoming the numerous challenges i faced in the course. I for example honed my skills in mathematics and physics two of the most vital subjects that influenced my suitability to pursue the course at the university. I did not like the two subjects from early in life. However, I dedicated my efforts in improving my grades with every exam. Eventually, I succeeded in the two subjects. My ability to develop interests in the two subjects typify he dedication and the effort I always invest in achieving my set objectives in life. I concentrate and remain faithful to my priorities until I achieve my set goals.
I work best in a team. Teamwork is vital in enhancing productivity. I learnt the value of teams in my primary education when I developed interest in football. Teamwork would enhance the success of my team. Professionally, teamwork is vital since it pools various abilities and skills thereby improving the quality of the work. Additionally, one is likely to learn from colleagues. I therefore have effective interpersonal skills and communication skills capable of facilitating my interactions with others in the team. My diplomatic approach to issues and conflicts is always instrumental in resolving any conflict that may arise in teams. This enhances the efficiency of my teams.
Additionally, I have good leadership qualities and have served in various leadership positions. I served as a prefect in high school. Furthermore, I was the captain of the football team in the school. The two leadership positions helped hone my leadership qualities. I am ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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