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Review the impact of Belbin's team roles - Essay Example

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Introduction The issue of inter professional working is currently regarded as one important aspect in the health and social care especially in the UK (Molyneux, 2001). Teams, instead of jobs have become the critical building block of future organisations and are seen as one of the primary means of creating high performance, high flexibility, and high commitment in an organisation…
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Review the impact of Belbins team roles
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Extract of sample "Review the impact of Belbin's team roles"

Download file to see previous pages In the healthcare setup, teams have various functions and they play a pivotal role in the success of that given organisation. As such, this essay seeks to critically analyse the impact of Belbin’s team roles on the following areas: conflict management, leadership styles and decision making with reference to the attached case study. The essay will start by explaining the meaning of teamwork as well as outlining Belbin’s team roles and how they can be applied to the given case study in relation to different areas mentioned above. Different approaches to team roles Basically, a team is a group of people that has been formed to work together in common, cooperative action towards the achievement of an outcome and for the benefit of the group rather than for individual benefit (Schultz, 2005). The goal of teamwork is synergy whereby the sum of the individual efforts in the team is greater than the sum of the individual inputs. Thus, teams have different needs, and members should be selected for a team on the basis of their personalities, skills and preferences (Robbins, 2003). Effective teams match people to various roles and these refer to patterns of behaviour attributed to a team member in a specific position in the team. Roles play a part in task building and relationship building towards the attainment of the set organisational goals. Dr R Meredith Belbin, a world renowned guru on team building identified eight distinct roles that people in teams play and it can be noted that people can and often do assume more than one of these roles (Henry & Stevens, 1990). Different roles that people play in teams include the following: chairman, plant, resource investigator, shaper, monitor/evaluator, company worker, team worker and completer/finisher. These different roles are going to be used in relation to the given case study in the discussion below. Situation analysis In the given case study, it can be noted that it involves inter professional working and focuses on the potential difficulties in achieving effective working relationships between practitioners from different professions with regards to a family that is negatively impacted by the abuse of drugs. Mary Brown has a habit of abusing drugs as well as alcohol and George Smith, the boyfriend is also a drug addict. The children, Joe, Lucy and Tom also have very bad behaviour as a result of their background as well as abuse of the drugs. In other words, this calls for concerted efforts by practitioners from different professions in order to meaningfully assist this family. The professionals involved in this case are Mark, the drug counselor, Ann, the social worker, Iva, the police, Iknowa the teacher and Imean the welfare officer. However, it appears that there is no mutual understanding among these professionals about the appropriate action that can be taken in order to effectively assist this family given that communication is not very effective. As such, this discussion is going to focus on the impact of Belbin’s team roles with regards to the case involving health and social care. Conflict management In any given organisation, it can be noted that conflict is regarded as a natural phenomenon, which is inevitable though it can be solved depending on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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