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Analysis of Healthcare Leadership - Essay Example

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 This essay discusses diagnose leadership, a leader should understand the three major three variables of the contingency theory. Quality measures the degree of support that the leader has in the group. In hospital scenarios, this could mean the level of reverence, certainty, and trust…
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Analysis of Healthcare Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages In the healthcare sector, the provision of quality healthcare has always been a key point of concern. The reason is that in healthcare, the lives of patients and their future lie in the hands of hospital practitioners like doctors, nurses and the support staff. All of these fragments of the hospital structure work together in liaison with the administration to ensure that quality service is provided to better the lives of the patients. To achieve quality; however, flexible and appropriate leadership styles need to be applied to ensure that the whole hospital structure's coordination effects service provision. To bring about this quality also requires effective leadership styles that aim to address any resistance to change and flexibility. In leadership, understanding the application and development of leadership theories prepares a healthcare manager in his tasks of predicting, explaining ad controlling operations. I challenge the validity of Kumar’s support for the transformational style of leadership and propose that the contingency style of leadership is the best option for ensuring change through the engagement of those resistant to it.
Good leadership in health care has increasingly become a major issue as stakeholders have made the realization that through effective leaders, institutional change can occur. Robin Kumar in Leadership and Healthcare proposes that the transformational style is most effective in leadership since it attracts followers to own change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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