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In fact his political opponent Mitt Romney accused Obama’s leadership as a failed one even though plenty of Americans have other…
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Assignment #2, Leadership Issue,
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Leadership Problem Recent recession and its negative impacts on American economy have brought many questions about the leadership of current Americanpresident Obama. In fact his political opponent Mitt Romney accused Obama’s leadership as a failed one even though plenty of Americans have other ideas. This paper analyses the leadership of Obama in solving current economic problems in America.
According to Charles Babington (2012), “Americans are growing more optimistic about the economy and President Barack Obama’s leadership, creating a significant obstacle for Republican rival Mitt Romney five weeks to Election Day” (Babington). Even though unemployment problems and home prices are going high, many of the Americans do believe that Obama is trying his best to solve these problems. Many voters believe that Obama is the ideal candidate to lead America in this difficult period. In their opinion, the conditions could be worsened if anybody lese lead America during this period.
On the other hand, according to Christopher Altchek (2012), “The more legal-oriented Obama is not equipped to deal with the rigors of the Great Recession, nor is he able to solve critical issues like unemployment or the nation’s mounting debt problems” (Altchek). It is a fact that unemployment problems are getting worsened as time goes on even though Obama is taking many steps to solve it. Drastic measures are necessary to solve America’s current problems. Obama is not ready to take drastic measures. Obama is trying to solve America’s problems with the help of economic theories and principles published through books. It should be noted that economic theories may not help always to solve practical problems.
“Change” was the slogan put forward by Obama when he contested first time for the president post. Even though Obama has almost completed his first term in the president’s office, Americans do not feel any changes in political, economic or social circles. In other words, Obama has given false promises to the people and he failed to rise to the expectations of the people.
Many people thought that Obama might declare an end to war on terror. it should not be forgotten that Obama criticized war on terror on many occasions before his election as president of America. However, after assuming president ship, he swallowed many of his earlier words and opinions. In other words, he failed to bring any political changes in America or in other parts of the world. Many of the foreign policies are imitations of the previous republican government.
In economic circles, Obama is labeled as a successful as well as failed leader. Some people believe that Obama could have handled the economic problems much more effectively. Even though he declared many economic policies, many of them failed to yield the desired results. For example, cash for clunkers was a program put forward by Obama to revitalize American automobile manufacturing industry. However, this program failed miserably because of lack of fund and increased demand. Instead of domestic automobile manufacturers, foreign automakers reaped the profit from this program.
Obama’s healthcare policies also failed to bring desired effects in the social circles. “The reason BO believes we need socialized medicine is that nearly 50 million people (not all are American citizens) are uninsured so therefore we will fine those who refuse coverage $1,000 each” (Obama Failed Healthcare Policy). In other words, the core of Obama’s healthcare policy is to help the illegal immigrants and unions, government workers, and other Obama supporters at the expense of the taxpayers.
To conclude, Obama’s leadership is not fully successful in solving America’s political, economic, and social problems.
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