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Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches - Coursework Example

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Leadership is simply the ability of a person to motivate, influence and allow team members to contribute ideas for successful and effectiveness of the organization. On the contrary, management is the act of giving direction and controlling of a team to ensure accomplishment of…
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Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches
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Extract of sample "Most effective Leadership & Management Styles & approaches"

Leadership and Management Leadership and Management Leadership is simply the ability of a person to motivate, influence and allow team members to contribute ideas for successful and effectiveness of the organization. On the contrary, management is the act of giving direction and controlling of a team to ensure accomplishment of a goal. The environment at which a business operates determines the balance between leadership and management. With the day-to-day changing of the world economy and technology, management is very essential. Leadership should be strategic, clear and address needs within the organization.
Leadership and management styles take different forms depending on changes faced by an organization, demand of the people and the current business situation (Young, 2013, p. 52). Consequently, there is need for various dynamisms affecting their business and assurance of most effective leadership and managerial styles. There are various leadership skills applied by various leaders to enhance success of an organization. These includes visionary, pace setting, commanding, coaching, and democratic leadership styles (Jiang, 2014 p. 51). Steve Jobs is one of the cofounders of Apple Company together with Wozniak. Apple grew from a small electronic company to a worldwide giant company. Steve Job emerged as one of the world’s top CEOs through application of visionary leadership style. Job created ambitious objectives and planned for better future of the company (Mankiw, 2013, p, 21). He dedicated himself to the set objectives that spurred Apple Inc. to its current international state. H relied more on his innovative wits and entrepreneurial skills to realize his dreams for Apple Company. He envisioned and materialized products that suited best his current and prospective customers. Job is recognized as a team player since he organized skilful workforce into his team with a clear vision of the company. Subsequently, it resulted into workers motivation and enhanced innovation and productivity.
Leadership requires effective management skills and good team organization that will ensure communication of set goals and generation of ideas from members. Good managing skills have several potential advantages for both the group and the manager. The affiliative style of management is considered more effective since it involves the whole team (Teepapal, 2013, p. 11). Through the style, members are allowed to contribute ideas and discuss issues at hand. Harmony is created amongst the team and diversity is never an issue. Training programmes are organized to help improve performance with the new technological and economic changes. Invitation of successful managers may be done to help give morale to the team.
In conclusion, leaders should practice good managerial skills for the better performance of the organization. Thomas Watson gives a better example of a good manager that should be emulated by all leaders. Leaders should be able to understand diverse culture in their management process and create cohesive environment for all the team members (Garvin, 2012, p.39). Leaders should take charge at all levels irrespective of whose responsibility it is. As leaders are the main determinants of achievements of organizations, they should be well knowledgeable with good managerial skills. Taking action at every step in the organization will bring about better performance for the committed leaders. Creation of cohesive working environment will ensure trust amongst diverse workers making them add forces to have their goal achieved. Maintenance of that effective internal environment will determine the goal achievement and curbing of external effects the organization.
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