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In the paper “Curriculum and External Frame Factors” the author analyzes a fully-fledged Trinity Washington University. The university college specializes in offering four basic graduate programs which are in four different schools, including the School of ‘nursing and health professionals’. …
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Curriculum and External Frame Factors
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Download file to see previous pages The campus is located in a safe and supportive environment appropriate for the students, staff as well as to the general faculty operations. Industries are stable and have history of financial support to the institution and its employees. The public and private school systems’ provide graduate education programs for the institution and have a reputation of high quality education programs. The commuter students enjoy accessible public transport services into and out of the city at reasonable costs. Moreover, community facilities as well as other public services are at the reach of the students and this ascertains the quality of education that is offered within the institution. Besides commendable learning environment, the institution is situated at proximity to recreation parks, which are very important for the student’s leisure activities. Moreover, the government has been very instrumental in offering supportive services to the institution and ensuring that the public enjoy the learning facilities offered within the institution as part of its basic responsibility towards the public.
Key sectors driving the economy will continue to be the federal government, technology, construction, international business, and hospitality (City Data website, nd). Trinity University has a higher enrollment of Washington DC residents compared to all other private universities in the city or region. The university college is at proximity with public transport infrastructure with road and rail transport being the predominant means of commuting. Transportation services through roads by buses and taxis are easily accessible. Besides the commuter students, Trinity nursing college has boarding facilities though a few in numbers and the institution offers medical and counseling services. The Washington DC’s government acknowledges and recognizes the contributions of the institutions within the locality; for instance, the 2011, pay roll records indicate that about 40% of the annual payroll was from the local residents who were employees to the institution. The nursing college has a total employee population of 221 persons from within the city and the environment. Besides the direct contributions of the college to the lives of the city dwellers, about 2,190 Trinity graduates live within the city and contribute to the welfare and development of the city through talents, civic engagement as well as through the tax income by the government. Their influence in general welfare through formal employment as well as voluntary activities within the local organizations cannot be overemphasized (Trinity Washington University Annual Report, 2011). The population within the city and the environment reflect a mix of cultural and ethnic characteristics with a wide spread of age groups; from the elderly to the children. The populations within Washington exhibit traits of relatively good income levels; with majority receiving average incomes while some receive above average incomes. The general poverty levels are low and there are humanitarian organizations which run programs targeting assisting the poor from within. Washington DC has a great diversity in terms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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