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How Can a School's Pastoral Structure Support Pupil Achievement - Essay Example

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This paper talks about Pastoral Care which is a characteristically British paradigm that in other Western cultures is restricted to a decidedly religious context. In the holistic sense of educating the whole person pastoral care ideally should fit seamlessly into the very raison d'être of the academic setting. …
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How Can a Schools Pastoral Structure Support Pupil Achievement
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the investigation was concerned with the Curriculum Guidance stipulation that themes be inculcated across the confines of the academic subjects that typically characterise an intrinsic feature of the secondary curricula. The conclusion was that themes that had no noteworthy incidence in academics prior to the launching of the National Curriculum had continued generally to be short on resources or standing, and the preponderance of the schools took few reasonable measures to try to appraise or introduce cross-curricular connections apart from pre-established activities formerly operative in relation to individual subjects. The absence of a clear criteria for review of material related to the themes was recognized as the basic obstacle.
This paper makes a conclusion that from one perspective the National Curriculum could be understood as integrating pastoral care into the actual fabric of the teaching profession, requiring that educators themselves be comprehensively trained in pastoral care techniques. In recent years the educational system appears to have grown significantly in a responsiveness to the susceptibility of young people in the academic process. The call for a student-based focus seeks to address all aspects of a multifaceted learning environment and honour a pastoral mandate to provide a network of community support to strengthen the student's sense of personal responsibility for academic success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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