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Comparing 2 articles and relating it to the study guide - Essay Example

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COMPARING TWO ARTICLES AND RELATING THEM TO THE STUDY GUIDE Task A: The differences and similarities between the two articles against the research decisions Introduction The process of conducting a research involves many steps varying from identifying research questions, defining the research paradigms, formulating the research designs, selecting the most appropriate methods and techniques, analysing the data to drawing conclusions from the study…
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Comparing 2 articles and relating it to the study guide
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher then needs to make significant decisions regarding the ontological, epistemological and mythological paradigms for the current study. It is based on the nature and type of the research question and research paradigms that a researcher chooses the most appropriate design frame, methods and techniques, and data production instruments for the study. It is worthwhile to analyse two research articles in terms of the above mentioned research decisions. The articles under consideration are the research studies of Hong (2012) and Lasky (2005). While Hong unearths the relationship between teacher resilience and psychological factors such as value, self-efficacy, beliefs and emotions Lasky attempts to examine teacher identity, agency and professional vulnerability in the context of secondary school reform. Thus the paper seeks to analyse the differences and similarities between the two articles against such research decisions as setting up the topic, the research question, scope and scale, paradigm and associated ontology, epistemology and methodology (with research design), and methods and data production instruments. Research decisions: 1. ...
clearly identifies the gap in the existing literature and realizes that the existing research on shortage of beginning teachers only addressed external factors from an organizational perspective. Hong also sees the relationship between shortage of beginning teachers and teacher resilience while identifying the distinction between stayers and leavers in a school setting. Thus, the insights gained from the literature review prompts Hong to focus on the role of internal psychological factors such as self-efficacy, beliefs, values and emotions on teacher resilience and career decision-making. As such Hong’s research topic-Why do some beginning teachers leave the school, and others stay? Understanding teacher resilience through psychological lenses-is carefully chosen and sounds to be a good qualitative research topic. On the other hand, Lasky chooses his research topic from the complex fiscal restructuring, curricular reforms and new accountability systems implemented among the secondary schools in Ontario, Canada. The research problem is explicitly stated in the conceptual framework of the paper. Lasky holds that the emotions and professional identity of teachers change when socio-cultural changes occur in their immediate context. Lasky also points out that no previous studies have adequately addressed how teacher identity interacts with such reform mandates as in the secondary schools in Ontario. Similarly, the researcher also wants to probe into how secondary school reforms will contribute towards professional vulnerability of teachers using a sociocultural approach. Thus, Lasky’s research topic-A sociocultural approach to understanding teacher identity, agency and professional vulnerability in a context of secondary school reform-provides ample scope for a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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