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Sentence fluency - Essay Example

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Sentence Fluency In recent years, acceleration in the need for recognition of English fluency has been considered as a prime factor for individual’s development and growth. English fluency has usually been neglected by students and individuals, but in recent years it has proved to be of ample importance in the international context of reading development…
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Sentence fluency
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Extract of sample "Sentence fluency"

Download file to see previous pages Contextually, it is these aspects that represent the important ideas of sentence fluency (Timothy, “Guided Fluency Instruction: Moving Students to Independence”). GOAL STATEMENT The fundamental goal of the curriculum will concentrate on critically evaluating knowledge gained by the learners with respect to planning, evaluation and editing of the writings by learners. In this regard, applying brainstorming sessions, group discussion and peer review will be taken into account strategically. The application of this curriculum is likely to enhance the understanding capability of the learners with respect to their ideas related to the usage of detailed information along with application of apt words. It is expected that with the assistance of this curriculum, learners will be able to easily identify and rectify their syntax mistakes, which they used to be ignorant towards in prior instances. This curriculum will also act with the aim to fortify the quality of the sentences framed by the learners (Timothy, “Guided Fluency Instruction: Moving Students to Independence”). This curriculum has been specially designed to initiate the need for sentence fluency among the domestic and the international students. This curriculum will assist the learners throughout their developmental course, generating a sense of need and importance for this particular subject, as it has a strong hold with respect to communicative competencies in the international plethora. DISCUSSION In precise, this curriculum will assist the learner to have a better insight about the importance of applying facts and figures within the informational article. It is worth mentioning in this context that there exist a generalized six kinds of writing traits viz., idea and concept, organization, voice, sentence fluency, usage of words and conventions. In consideration with the curriculum, it will enhance the ideas and the conception of the learner with regard to writing a sentence or sentence fluency. Furthermore, this curriculum will be intended towards assisting the learners in organizing sentences in order to develop their abilities to convey the concerned ideas maintaining consistency in the flow of information. It is in this context that voice frames an important part in the formation of sentences accelerating sentence fluency in turn. The curriculum designed will therefore foster understanding of the learner concerning smooth and harmonized flow of ideas and objectives with respect to the sentences. Moreover, this curriculum will also intend to assist the learners concerning the importance of words choice in maintaining and grooming sentence fluency (Timothy, “Guided Fluency Instruction: Moving Students to Independence”). Instructional design will also be regarded to hold considerable importance in the success potentials of the curriculum. Instructional design comprises a series of procedures, which aim at assisting in the development of the quality aspects and evaluative efficiency of the curriculum being designed. Instructional procedure comprehensively builds up with the requirement of sentence fluency for individual development. Furthermore, the instructional content of this curriculum will entail an objective-oriented approach in its designing. Fluency within the sentences, in this context, imposes a greater impact on the listeners and the readers too. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sentence Fluency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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