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Improving English Language Fluency - Essay Example

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Improving English Language Fluency Language fluency is must for a person to succeed in professional life. Shields and Price (2000) state, “Fluency is associated with significantly higher mean hourly occupational wages”. Many people find it difficult to improve fluency in English language…
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Improving English Language Fluency
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Download file to see previous pages Let us discuss some of the most effective strategies that can be used by the teachers to enhance students’ fluency. Classroom Activities Some of the most effective ways, which can be used to improve fluency of the whole group, include telling students how to make correct use of verbs and improving students’ vocabulary and pronunciation. Eight weeks are enough for the teachers to make their students proficient in the use of verbs and vocabulary. Using this two-month strategy, teachers first educate students how to use different tenses, verbs, and phrases in writing and speaking. After that, teachers improve vocabulary and pronunciation of the students. In the end, teachers assess students’ learning by taking tests. 1. Use of Verbs, Collocations, and idioms The duration of first part of the strategy is one month. The first two weeks are reserved for improving use of verbs, phrases, discourse markers, and tenses whereas third week is reserved for educating students how to make use of idioms and phrases in sentences. Last week is spared for evaluation in which teachers give writing exercises to the students to check their level of understanding. Teachers also check speaking fluency by giving oral and written exercises to the students. This part of the strategy is a very productive step towards improving students’ knowledge regarding use of verbs and collocations. It makes students learn how to make correct use of words. Teachers can use this strategy to improve the word study and speaking fluency of the whole classroom. Although foreign people can read and write English correctly but when it comes to speaking, things become difficult for such speakers because they cannot integrate correct forms of verbs in their sentences. Word identification, understanding, and integration are the three major steps in improving language fluency. A student should be able to identify the words, understand their meanings, and use those words to develop sentences. The purpose of making students aware of correct use of verbs and tenses is to help them generate correct sentences quickly. 2. Improving Students’ Vocabulary and Pronunciation Once the teachers make students perfect in the use of correct verbs and tenses, they start improving students’ vocabulary and pronunciation. Improving students’ vocabulary and pronunciation is the second part of the strategy, which also comprises of one month. In the first one and a half weeks, teachers ask students to read English newspapers and consult dictionary for improving their vocabulary. In the second one and a half weeks, teachers shift their focus towards improving pronunciation of the students. To accomplish his tasks, teachers encourage their students to watch English news channels, movies, and talk shows to know correct pronunciations of the words. In the last week of the strategy, teachers take comprehensive tests of the students to assess students’ vocabulary and pronunciation. The tests include tasks, such as, making students speak different words and asking them to write some sentences on different topics. Many of the foreign English speakers are not familiar with the words used in English language. They cannot communicate properly what comes in their minds because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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