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Developing Speaking Fluency and Accuracy - Essay Example

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According to Adolph Paul (2009), the 3 main reasons for learning difficulties are sentence structure or grammar, enunciation or the way a word is needed to be pronounced, and assertiveness in learning the foreign language. …
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Developing Speaking Fluency and Accuracy
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Download file to see previous pages Paul further expressed that people do have an integral and perplexing fear towards the English language which can be attributed to the inhibitions of a person in expressing themselves using the newly acquired language. As Paul (2009) elaborated, teaching how a word is properly enunciated or pronounced appeared to be the most difficult aspect that students are found to have. This gives an obvious divergence between the teacher and its students. One reason for this is that often foreign speakers are failing to adapt the English language as a secondary language. Since there are different people coming from different countries speaking English, there are modifications made in the pronunciation of a word. It is not an easy task to master the English language especially if this is not the mother tongue of a particular group. There are people who continually struggle with the rules and regulation of sentence construction or grammar.
Ways to Improve Speaking
These demanding challenges make it necessary for any teacher of English to have formal training in instruction and approach. As expressed by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) (2003) that it is an effective method for teachers to find an appropriate plan on how the lessons will be presented that can aid the students in better understanding and adapting the enunciation and grammar of the foreign subject.
According to the BBC’s (2003) world service radio series, the following elements attributes for a better and effective speaking: confidence, fluency and accuracy, proper usage and choice of words, bulk language learning, pattern as to where one should be going, maintaining the interest in its listeners, and becoming a supportive listener and sounding like a native speaker.
This paper underscores the concepts of fluency and accuracy in the development of speaking skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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