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Social Constructivist Perspective - Assignment Example

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This paper "Social Constructivist Perspective" sheds some light on the social constructivist model as a learning perspective that focuses on the interdependence of individual and social processes in the construction of understanding and knowledge…
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Social Constructivist Perspective
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Extract of sample "Social Constructivist Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, if a teacher is mean and does not like a certain student, say because he is not very good at a certain subject, the student will feel demotivated and is likely to believe that he is an underachiever. However, if the teacher supports a student who is not good at a certain subject, the student’s self-esteem is likely to improve, and this may help him perform better in the said subject.

A student’s self-concept is likely to affect their academic performance and achievement in two different ways. Those students who have a positive self-concept normally display more confidence in class and are likely to grasp the concepts taught to them very quickly. However, students with negative self-concepts have little or no belief or confidence in their abilities, and this is reflected in their fear of learning new concepts and understanding classroom activities (Malmgren and Trezek, 2009). A teacher should be fully involved in the learning process of all students. He should be there to offer guidance where the students show signs of weakness or lack of confidence. He should encourage good performance and not expect only what students are able to deliver in terms of learning.

In the case of students with disabilities, it is the facilitator's role to guide and create an environment for the learner to arrive at his own conclusions. Students with disabilities may suffer from negative self-concepts or low self-esteem, and therefore, they need proper guidance so that they may have the confidence to structure their own knowledge (Westwood, 2008). It is the job of the facilitator, or coach to guide such students to realize their capabilities in knowledge construction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Constructivist Perspective Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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The attempt will be made through discussion to determine whether the approach used was positivist, interpretive or constructivist or a combination thereof.  The articles will also be compared to the qualitative and quantitative methods and whether they are empirical or non-empirical in a method. Ethics will be touc...

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Corporate social responsibility refers to the responsibility of an organization that focuses not only on optimum utilization of available resources, but also on ensuring its resources, processes, and products are not causing harm to the society at large, and also try to add greater value. However, the explanation of CSR is not limited to this thought and is perceived differently by different organizations, different groups of population and different regions of the world (Karake-Shalhoub & Karake, 1999).

A holistic understanding why organizations can have such lasting effect on the society may be drawn from Dawe’s (1970; p.214) explanation of sociology that identifies two distinct aspects, sociology of social...
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The involvement of social work in society has always said to be highly contested. During recent years it has been seen that there is an unvarying attack on its ethics and values. Managerial controls have been increased a lot in social work and it has affected a lot at all levels of autonomy among social workers. This has bought some sort of crisis in the social work department. “The relationship between law and social work is complex.” (Brayne & carr 1). There are two facts to criticize this. The first one is these social workers are created by the government and are meant for public service and also to regulate various activities. A second obsession is these social workers are always very caring professionals. The...
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 Looking at the Australian and other viewpoints from extant literature, the current report seeks to form cohesion from disparate sources on the issue of inclusion programs, with the basic assumption that these programs are of value, primarily because they help the student with special needs to develop socially.
The topic of the current investigation is the inclusion of special education students in mainstream classrooms. From the 20th century onward, there has been more of a focus and emphasis on inclusion programs and mainstream programs, in Australia as elsewhere in the modern Western world. These programs include special education students as a part of the mainstream classroom so that they are integrated with their pe...
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Self-sensation is one of the basic human characteristics and humans develop it in the earliest stages of life. It is an awareness of those characteristics that form the personality of an individual. A child starts to realize the circumstances around him and begins to perceive different relations in a specific way. Self-sensation means to perceive and observe different behaviors of people. It is very difficult to change the self-sensation of a person in the later stages of life. Scientists, who have done research in this field, also believe that self-sensation can never be changed because it is formed in the earliest stages of a person’s life. The formation of self-sensation highly depends on the interaction between the child...
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The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in KSA

Globalization is considered to be the interconnectedness developed by the increased flow of capital, goods, images, people and their ideologies among various nations. It is the result of the free-market policy of the world economy. It is characterized by the introduction of new technologies and considers humanity to be one social community where social and cultural differences do not exist. Philip Cerny has defined the term as a set of economic and political structures which is the outcome of change in characteristics of goods and assets constituting the economy.

Cultural and social globalization denotes the extensive movement of goods, technologies, ideas, images and people around the entire world which has been...
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The Relationship Between Financial Perfprmance and Corporate Social Resposibility on Saudi Electricity Company

The pragmatic parallel mixed methods design was adopted for the study using the questionnaire, structured interview guide and content analysis were the primary instruments utilized in the collection of data. A total of 500 respondents participated in the study. These respondents represented the five sectors considered in the study, namely: the community residents, SEC employees, SEC managers, personnel from other establishments (i.e., the marketplace) and the government.  A combination of sampling techniques was used in this study: stratified random sampling, for the community respondents and SEC employees; simple random sampling, for the respondents of other companies; and purposive sampling for SEC managers and a representa...
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Global corporations are heightening their awareness of the nature of their business relationships with diverse governments considered of primary importance to manage factors influencing their performance. From among the elements that global organizations closely and continuously evaluate, the social and economic impacts are considered of significant importance. As the components and diverse perspectives of globalization affect both the host organizations and those nations they do business with, this research aims to proffer significant social and economic issues that impact global strategies.

The concept of globalization encompasses theories beyond the traditional view that global corporations merely do business abroad....
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