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Nursing - Healing Hospital - Essay Example

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Healing Hospital: Name: Institution: Inclusion of spiritual healings in most hospitals has become a misery and a debate in many health institutions with quite a number of people believing that healing can play a big part in encouraging and uplifting the faith of patients…
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Nursing - Healing Hospital
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, the paper will include some of the biblical aspects that back up healing hospital concept. To begin with, these components include safety, respect, compassion, trust, and creating of positive results in people’s lives and health. Healing hospital involves a concept whereby a progressive or continuous loving care chain is executed throughout the entire organization using kindness and skills from every caregiver. This happens even with the leaders and is done to patients and sometimes vice versa. Workers, in health institutions are obliged to envelop or seal the spirit of real love, integration, selflessness, and compassion when handling their patients and co-workers. A point to note is that caring does not involve staff to patients alone, it also exists among the workers or staff members themselves. Spirituality begins from the top leaders to the upper management, middle management employees, and down to the normal or subordinate members. In order to successfully deal with patients and give them enough care, the staff must possess passion, a necessary and one of the core values for handling patients with enough affection and professionalism (Chapman, 2007). Passion for an individual is having passion for the passion fully irrespective of his or her disadvantages, shortcomings or mistakes. Passion for another person or patient should involved being passionate about the personality of the individual from their spirit, body and even their minds and thoughts. In considerations to all these healing components, love appears to be the fundamental or core area of healing in any hospital or health related institution. Finally, spirituality also has a great influence on the patients involved in healing process. It has a positive effect since the body, spirit and mind all work together to attain a common goal, which is ensuring health and rational personality within a person. There are several challenges affecting the process of healing hospitals. To begin with, very few people fail to comprehend spirituality due to its spirituality and many view it as a complex word in the hospital healing context. The description and definition of spirituality is always considered at the individual level and observed as innate in character. It becomes a challenging task to discover and understand someone’s beliefs in spiritual matters. Psychologically, spirituality is developed when a person is born. It always depends on the a person‘s immediate environment. Therefore, it always becomes a tough decision to influence or convince a person into believing in a given spiritual concept being introduced (Chapman, 2007). Comprehending another person’s emotions is also a hindrance and a challenge to the success of hospital healing. One may be very emotional and radical in his or her beliefs but does not show these characters until he or she is provoked. Coming up with an environment where stress has been minimized. Creation of a good environment for hospital healing has also been proven to be a core hindrance to hospital healing process or efforts. Poor physical environmental condition within the hospital vicinity undoubtedly hinders hospital healing among patients and staff members as well. For instance, when the hospital is located in an area where air quality is low, the probability that patients will get healed and recover from their illness will almost be negligible. This not only affects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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