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Gender and Ethnicity in the Nursing Field - Assignment Example

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I. Gender and Ethnicity in the Nursing Field A. Introduction 1. Introduces the topic B. Approaches 1. Explains the chosen approach C. Problems in nursing 1. Discusses some main nursing problems D. Guidelines 1. Explains helpful guidelines E. Communication 1…
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Gender and Ethnicity in the Nursing Field
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Extract of sample "Gender and Ethnicity in the Nursing Field"

Download file to see previous pages Special conditions must now be maintained to ensure the proper treatment, and security in certain situations. When dealing with serious medical conditions comforting the patient should be placed in high priority. In this time era after the 911 attacks, the increase in ethnic and gender problems has increased the need for more social knowledge in the nursing field which demands a more positivist approach from the entire nation (Cude, p. 312). Approaches Writing and researching this subject with the positivist approach is best suited for this particular subject. The reason this approach has been chosen is that it is based mostly on the perception of the senses that are the basis of human knowledge. This approach also has the close relation of logic, epistemology, and ethics to determine the best use of method and theory. The method or using written research material is critical in this study. The theory that more cultural education for nurses is needed has been developed from the method of using written research. Using any of the other approach such as the interpretivist approach would be a complete contradiction to the main researching methods. The interpretivist approach requires many specific interviews really not necessary for this particular study; although, many interviews, and observations can still contribute to this information it will not show as many facts as quickly as the positivist approach (Griffore, p. 134). The ontologist approach would also be a useful choice for this paper as it does examine the basic nature of being, and would contribute many personal beliefs to the research; however, the main focus of this document is the concentration of the stated facts, and a positive approach for all of the problems that exist with this particular subject (Polit, p. 145). Even though the interpretivist, and ontologist approach can be translated into a very positive-based research, this paper is focusing on the factual problems, and positive solutions. Rather than including personal beliefs and experiences this research is based on written documents collected from many valuable sources (Racine, p. 143). Problems in Nursing Ensuring the correct Nursing duties to the public is now becoming even harder than it has been in the past. With the many problems concerning race, ethnicity, religion, cultures, families, and beliefs, the nursing staff today has to be very aware of what is going on around them. Many disagreements and fights have started because of these issues that everyone should now be aware of. The value of personal freedom concerning democracy and fundamental human rights is viewed as mandatory conditions that must be met for each individual patient. Full awareness of cultural identity is very important for nurses these days. Also being able to understand the correct dialogue is critical in dealing with some types of people. Nurses should be trained to recognize the many cultures of society so they will be able to deal with them properly, and to ensure compliance in every situation that may arise.If the nurses are able to communicate at a more respectable level with all of their patients it will create a much have caused a continually growing hatred for certain customs which are also related to many immigrants now coming into the United States. Guidelines There have now been many standards developed to help people understand the treatment system of the hospitals. Six ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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