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Nursing Professional Values - Essay Example

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The current report "Nursing Professional Values" reveals a research regarding the thesis that the quality of healthcare service presently rendered by the hospital institution is significantly important for the promoting of the basic principles of healthcare itself…
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Nursing Professional Values
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Download file to see previous pages Because of this concept, society always turns its needs whenever certain individuals seek professional health service to hospital institutions. Thus, closely monitoring the quality of the healthcare service and the administrative process of hospital institution is indeed beneficial for the society themselves. Through this actions, improvement measures and promotion of quality can be further develop for the advantage of the people thus certain essential tools and measures are developed for improving the quality of services provided by hospital institutions. In this regard, the role of the nurses plays a great implication as to how the said process of operational success could be garnered.
Nursing students as training professionals in the field of hospital has to have the ability to handle ethical issues within the said industry. Undeniably though, it is essential enough to consider this particular matter when dealing with healthcare professions such as nursing (Lewis, 2005:78). True, being a nurse requires one to become highly involved in different human operations and are thus more susceptible to issues that are related to the said situations. Consequently, the said healthcare professionals are required to learn different levels of ethical concerns even during their training years yet. This particular training ensures them of the capabilities that they have to at least manifest their personal concern for their patients as well as their professional standing for the performance of their duties towards their clients (Potter, 2005: 54).
Being a nurse itself requires hard work and perseverance in treating patients from different ages, genders and situations. According to the Department of Nursing Education, applicants for the nursing job must have certain characteristics that will help them give the needed medication for the patients they care for. The said characteristics particularly involve that of the five major values of professionalism that must be given full attention by nurses in performing their duties to the public. The five values include Altruism, Autonomy, Human Dignity, Integrity, and Social Justice (Barnes, 2005: 36). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Professional Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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