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Critical Professional Biography: Nursing - Essay Example

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The researcher aims to tell about his professional biography as a nurse. The researcher also tells about one of the most important lessons that he has learned as a nurse which is that professional values are a critical part of one’s career as they guide our actions and decisions…
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Critical Professional Biography: Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the researcher’s interest in nursing dates back to when he was 14 and a close friend was involved in a grisly road accident. The author frequented the hospital where his friend was admitted and was impressed by the kind and compassionate care provided by the attending nurses. Notwithstanding, many of them had worked long shifts and sometimes appeared to be exhausted, they lay aside their personal feelings and discomfort while attending to him always smiling and encouraging him. Drawing from the experience, the author decided that nursing is what he wants to do with the rest of his life, he asked himself how he could make a mark in the world by engaging in a fulfilling and altruistic career and it was in the corridors and wards of the hospital that he found his answer. Academically, the author studied for a Diploma in HE Nursing and an Intermediate University Degree in Nursing Science at the College of Health Sciences Jazan in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, the researcher pursued a bachelor’s degree in at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Curtin University Australia. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree under a Scholarship and he will be graduating in July with his B.S.N from the Curtin University of Australia. When the author attained his diploma, he was employed as a registered nurse from 2006 to 2008 and he worked as Chronic Ward nurse at the Jazan Psychiatric Hospital....
For that reason, I learnt to be constantly aware my actions and appreciate the ramifications they could have on the patients whose lives I was entrusted with. To work through the myriad ethical dilemmas that are an inevitable part of the nursing job, nurses are required to have a working knowledge of professional values that are instrumental in developing the most suitable solutions (Stacey et al. 2011). They must strive to cause no harm through their actions or inaction as well as provide uniform dedicated and unprejudiced care to every patient irrespective of their cultural, racial-ethnic religious or even sexual orientation (Erlen and Sereika 2008). As a nursing educational coordinator, I have often found it necessary to impress upon the need for trainee nurses to understand and embody the professional values that are just as key the professional training academic skills (Shaw & Degazon, 2008). Nurses need to be more than just efficient professionals, they should embody several other values such as compassion and kindness since their work require they work closely with people who have undergone extremely disturbing or injurious experiences in need of human warmth and sympathy (Thompson & Dowdy 2002). The delicate nature of the work nurses undertake makes it a prerequisite that we embrace professional values so that we discharge our duties with diligence and integrity required of us. I understand that a great deal of the work we do requires sacrifice and I am flexible and not averse to taking irregular shifts and I can work well during the day or at night. Ultimately, one of the marks of a true professional is their ability to balance their personal and professional life (Scriber & Alderman 2005), and I consider myself an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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