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The International Political Economy of Nursing - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The International Political Economy of Nursing” the author analyzes evidence-based practice, which is a tactic that is applied in a clinical approach. The evidence-based practice mainly deals with interdisciplinary issues and shows the approach to which such issues should be handled…
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The International Political Economy of Nursing
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Extract of sample "The International Political Economy of Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages Surveys involve the formulation of questions that assist in the gaining of evidence. Other clinical methods such as testing the hypothesis are applied in the collection of data for the formulation of evidence. Evidence-based practice is a vital approach in the field of clinical practice because it does not only put into consideration the current state of the patient but also the previous data and experience on the issue. To understand the connection between evidence-based practice and clinical appraisal, some past information is necessary for consideration. Evidence-based practice can historically be said to have started from the field of medicine, with an earlier name of evidence-based medicine. The simple application of this practice influenced other fields to borrow and apply the concept in their various areas of the specification. Evidence-based practice has since spread to other areas. The disciplines that have adopted and put in an application the concept of evidence-based practice include the field of psychology, education and most importantly, nursing (Cotula, 2012).
In this project, the application of evidence-based practice in the field of nursing will be analyzed. It is in the principles of evidence-based practice that all decisions that are going to be made should be pillared on previously done research studies. The research has to be accurate and in line with the specified line of direction. In analyzing the research studies, there are specific standards that have to be applied. Such standards can, therefore, declare a research study as a shred of evidence. The research-based practice is, however, tiresome and involves a lot of time and resources. It is therefore only understandable that in the nursing profession, speaking is preferred to research. The evidence-based practice helps the practitioners to make decisions that ensure promoted health care.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The International Political Economy of Nursing Assignment.
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The International Political Economy of Nursing Assignment.
“The International Political Economy of Nursing Assignment”.
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