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Practice Theories and Micro-therories - Coursework Example

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Practice Theories and Micro-theories Date Abstract The essay aims to address the following objectives to wit: (1) to integrate verbal, written, and technological communication in implementing advanced nursing roles in the health care environment; (2) to utilize critical inquiry and judgment to evaluate the design, implementation, and outcomes of strategies developed for learning and health care systems; and (3) to exemplify professional values, scholarship, service, and global awareness that support professional and personal development…
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Practice Theories and Micro-therories
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Download file to see previous pages 166). Thus, nursing theories made nursing care simpler and easy to understand through theoretical representation. From the author’s viewpoint, nursing theories serve as the strongest foundation of nursing which guide nursing actions and standards of practice. Without this, the author believes that nurses’ care would be unsystematic, of low quality, and not holistic. In line with this, the author will discuss types of nursing theories, particularly practice theories and micro-range theories. Furthermore, this paper will focus on micro-range theory of learned responses in managing multiple chronic diseases through Corbin and Strauss’s chronic illness trajectory model along with Bury’s concept of biographical disruption. This paper will also analyze the importance of nursing theory to the nursing profession and the relationship of nursing theory to nursing leadership, nursing education, and nursing informatics. Analysis of the Importance of Nursing theory to the Nursing Profession Nursing theories are essential to the nursing profession as they guides nursing practice and research (Houser, 2008, p. 174). Nursing theories are significantly related to nursing practice because theory is shaped by practice and practice evolved because of the development in theories. The development of nursing theories has also provided means to establish nursing as a profession. According to Meleis (2012), nursing theories provide nurses with the framework and goals for assessment, diagnosis, and intervention (p. 36). Each aspect of nursing care is grounded to nursing theories to enhance critical thinking and decision-making related to care and to effectively manage patient’s situations and conditions. Thus, nursing theories are important in the nursing process. Through theoretical perspective, nursing practice becomes more efficient, effective, and goal-directed (Meleis, 2012, p. 35). Since nursing theories serve as the blueprint of practice, extraneous areas or activities are minimized leading to conservation of time, energy, and talent of nurses in practice. In this case, nursing goals and nursing knowledge or theories are clearly articulated which may result in effective seeking and responding of patients and families to care being rendered by the nurse. It is not only in nursing practice that nursing theories are of great importance but to the research body as well. Nursing theories have the same degree of importance to nursing research as they guide nursing research by limiting what questions to ask and what methods to use in answering the research questions. Both the nursing theories and nursing research have cyclical relationship because the result of the research can be used to verify, modify, disprove, or support a theoretical proposition that can promote growth and enrichment of nursing theory as a scholarly discipline (Meleis, 2012, p. 35). Upon analysis of the importance of nursing theories, the author has learned two essential fields in relation to nursing theories: research and practice. For the purpose of this paper, the author will discuss in the next texts practice theories, micro-theories, and the key concepts and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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