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The Importance of Nursing Theory - Research Paper Example

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The Importance of Nursing Theory YOUR NAME HERE YOUR COURSE/TUTOR HERE DATE HERE The Importance of Nursing Theory Nursing theory, whether stemming from grand, middle-range, or practice theory all have practical applications to the nursing profession in terms of identifying tangible activities in nursing, the relationship of the environment for nursing adaptability, and in helping to understand the inherent or intrinsic dynamics of the nurse practitioner…
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The Importance of Nursing Theory
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Download file to see previous pages The Roy Adaptation model, a grand theory model, is significant in nursing theory for its pragmatic and logical considerations about real-life health environments and the human condition. This paper describes the importance of generalized nursing theory to the nursing profession and, using the Roy Adaptation Model as the appropriate guidance, this paper will describe how this model impacts patient care, the purpose of this particular model, and how this theory would view nursing leadership and education. The Roy Adaptation Model is one of the most viable models in nursing theory. The Importance and Validity of Nursing Theory Study Nursing theory provides a great deal of quantifiable and justified assumptions that assist in building an effective model of nursing practice to improve productivity, interpersonal relationship development between nurse, patient or organizational groups, and can assist in deciding a best practice model taking into consideration environment, biopsychosocial characteristics of the nurse, and patient needs. Unlike mathematical models that are often used in organizational science that consider proper utilization of distinct tangible resources, nursing theory is sensible and practical, recognizing the complexity of human behavior and various coping strategies that are integrated into a model of practice to understand the dynamics of relationships and actual patient care. Nursing theory, unlike other models, do not limit the scope of human knowledge to equation modeling or consider the role of the nurse practitioner as being autonomous of their emotional states. In a health environment where inherent emotional responses are going to surface in practice, and where patient emotional and rationalization capacities create adaptable situations, it would be unrealistic to assume that a health care organization could be structured effectively (or training delivered properly) without recognition of these variables in the cycle of nursing care. For the aforementioned reasons, nursing theory is critical to improving the nursing profession and facilitating more effective care to patients. It identifies the potential hindrances or barriers to communication or group functioning so as to create a template by which to combat these situations. Such theoretical modeling also illustrates how one care or leadership function is inter-dependent on another in a health system, identifying redundancies that might occur in practice or opportunities to improve practice responses. Nursing theory, by drawing on real-life case studies or other supporting qualitative research, creates a knowledge base about legitimate, contemporary nursing requirements or human needs to assist in identifying more effective organizational systems or interpersonal relationship development. Examining the complexities of patient needs, as another relevant example through various studies, creates testable hypotheses about how to handle various emotional constructs in patients to deliver better care. Nursing theory can identify certain socio-demographics or ethnographic knowledge about patient personalities in identified cultural groups so that different strategies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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