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Healing Hospital- A Daring Paradigm - Essay Example

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Healing Hospital- A Daring Paradigm Author Institution Date Healing Hospital- A Daring Paradigm Introduction Healing hospital paradigm is an emerging issue in the healthcare environment. It helps patients and their families to enjoy comfort and less stress…
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Healing Hospital- A Daring Paradigm
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Download file to see previous pages The patients rest assured that the treatment they encounter from the hospital is one of happy face and effective clinical attention and care. Chapman (2003) describes a Healing Hospital as being about loving services to other individuals. Components of the healing hospital The components of a healing hospital paradigm are a composition of every aspect of the individual. These are the physical appearance, mental status and the spiritual aspect. Ferrelli and Pulchaski (2010) asserts that as an element of healing of this paradigm, addressing the cognition of the family, emotions, and spiritual aspects can assist in coping. Care goes past the physical concerns and there is an involvement of a holistic approach. (Chapman, 2003) opposes the idea that a Healing Hospital is built with just bricks and mortar. It features three important qualities, which are strong and dedicated leadership, systems and structures, and communication through dialogue. A strong and dedicated leadership from the top management to the bottom levels is important because it makes the operations of the hospital to run smoothly. It supports the theme of caring, and it is based on love. Healing hospitals majorly use the three signs of loving services (Chapman, 2003). A Golden Thread, which symbolises hope and faith in God, which is a representation of positive culture of healing. A sign of intersecting circles symbolizing hope that gets into and out of the people’s heart when they experience love. When these two signs are combined with the other components, they bring the caring aspect of the healing hospitals. The healing hospital and spirituality The spirituality of a healing hospital begins with the top management down to the bottom management and then the employees. These hospitals should have set standards to serve the whole community with care. This eventually results to spiritual combination that involves the individuals’ body and the spirit, Koeniq (2007). Both the combination of healing and spirituality should be the focus of each patient’s stay in a healing hospital. Spirituality has been observed to have a positive effect on one’s well being because the body, mind, and spirit together work as a unit (Ferrelli & Pulchaski, 2010). For this matter therefore, healing hospitals have to be beyond the ordinary place of treatment but also a place of spiritual fulfillment. This is because spirituality has been observed to form a fundamental part of every person’s life (Koeniq, 2007). It is therefore not a matter of choice but a necessity of nursing practice and the medical regulating bodies. These bodies demand that spiritual care be part of initial plan of patient care. The function of the healing hospitals started long during the time of Jesus on earth. They are a reflection of what God can do only if we believe that we can be healed. 1 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 28, states that “God has set some in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then gifts of healings, helps, governments . . .” This is an indication that God gave the power of healing and it is reflected in the healing hospitals of today, which are not so much into the financial part of their operations but on the well-being of individuals the same way that God cares for people free of charge. Matthew 9:2 states that “and behold they brought to him a man sick of the palsy, lying on a bed: and Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy . . .” Jesus healed the sick using the power of God as the healing hospi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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