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Healing Hospitals and Spirituality - Essay Example

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Currently, the health care system in the country is in a big crisis manly due to financial constraints. With the rising insurance and such costs, physicians and doctors are being forced to attend to more patients than they would normally see…
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Healing Hospitals and Spirituality
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Download file to see previous pages Bottom-line oriented health care is also one of the factors that degrade the working conditions of the working hospitals in the Western World. Due to the factors mentioned above, some hospitals try to cope with the limitations by cutting the staff that they have available for hospital work. This staffing problem also affects social health centers, which are also forced to expend more staff to administrative functions rather than dealing with the patients. Although the care givers in the health centers understand that patient health is bettered when the physician spends more time with the patient, the financial and staffing problem forces them otherwise. According to Zarren, healing is a process that a patient takes towards wholeness or wellness and the community is a place in which all people interact for a common purpose under common laws and jointly own the society. From these two definitions, it can be agreed that a healing community is a place where all members of the community have the opportunity to heal the patients. Therefore, having a health center as a healing community means having the patient, their families, friends and stakeholders in the hospital journey together towards the healing process. This means that all the parties mentioned have an equal state in the healing process, where the common energy encompassing the whole community can be channeled towards the healing process. ...
Many health care providers realize that their own spirituality usually helps in sustaining the health of the patient and finding meaning in their own profession. When the caregiver addresses the spirituality in their patients, they also find meaning to their own life and existence. With the current problems in the health care setting, caregivers find a challenge in invoking their own spirituality in finding a purpose for their patients’ existence. However, it should be noted that healing communities and spirituality are the most effective ways of ensuring that the patient receives the health care needed in the hospital and uses the energy of the community towards effective recovery in the health care center. The main components of effective healing communities include those that connect the patient to the community and a sense of connectivity with the health care professional. As stated, the spirituality of the patient and caregiver helps in healing the patient. This is also supported by the following scripture, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). This means that the healing process is best done when the patient is cheerful and feels supported by every member in the healing process. One of the main components of a healing community is the personal nature of the caregivers in the setting (Puchalski & McSkimming, 2006). The health care system in the country is usually perceived as lacking a personal tough in provision of health care to the patients. The lack of passionate and personalized care in the health care system is caused by a lack of enough staff to attend to each patient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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