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Research to introduce telemedicine (eICU) to the hospital - Annotated Bibliography Example

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(2009): Does telemonitoring of patients- the eICU-improve intensive care? Health Affairs, 28(5), W937-W937-W947: Retrieved from 52799410?…
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Research to introduce telemedicine (eICU) to the hospital
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Download file to see previous pages The software also involve immediate access to all progress about patient plans of care, x-ray as well as notes that are useful to the patient. This helps hospitals in management because they minimize on costs since one intensivist is used in more that one hospital to offer the same service.
The authors brings out the positive effects that telemedicine has in the intensive care unit. This is because this system has an audio-video patient monitoring and management system that has a design best suitable for intensive care unit and hence only few experts manage many hospitals. This source has a goal of ensuring that hospitals minimize costs for intensive care unit to increase financial gain of the hospital.
This source is helpful because it brings out the financial benefits, which a hospital is likely to gain by adopting a system since experts can monitor it from a centralized location while dealing with patients who are in the ICU. This research paper is about a proposal of introducing telemedicine to hospitals. It contains annotated bibliography of nine references that relate to this proposal.
Breslow, M., et al (2004): Effect of a multiple-site intensive care unit telemedicine program on clinical and economic outcomes: an alternative paradigm for intensivist staffing. Crit Care Med , 32:31–38 [1].
In this journal, the authors examine telemedicine in hospitals by looking at whether a corresponding remote intensive care unit, for care programs adopted by an integrated care delivery network though a commercial telemedicine and ICT (information communication technology), would enhance clinical and economical performance in ICUs.
The authors have been able to carry out an important study, and have presented vital results to the study of telemedicine implementation in ICUs. In deed, this journal greatly helps in understanding this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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