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VP candidates - Essay Example

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However, Biden got in a small dig by joking that the Republicans did not say what calls they would be making. The same theme of sarcasm runs through…
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VP candidates
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Vice-Presidential Candi s at Democratic and Republican National Conventions Joe Biden Joe Biden starts out by sarcastically mocking the Republicans for saying that they too had the courage to make the tough calls. However, Biden got in a small dig by joking that the Republicans did not say what calls they would be making. The same theme of sarcasm runs through Biden’s speech, with him even saying that the Republicans care so much about Medicare. This use of irony and sarcasm is meant to lighten up the crowd before President Obama comes out to speak. Biden then goes on to claim what the Republicans had forgotten to mention the week before, such as that they would cut benefits for more than 30 million seniors who are already on Medicare. This would result in Medicare going bankrupt by 2016, and this shows that they do not want to preserve Medicare at all. Biden claims that their new plan will be called voucher care.
Biden then continues to attack Republicans by putting down their idea of needing to act now. They want to reduce the national debt, but they have rejected all proposals brought forward by the Democrats. Biden finishes on the same theme of courage by saying that the Republican plan is not courage and it is not fair.
Joe Biden seems to be Obama’s attack dog in that all he ever does is come out and criticize Republicans. This speech showed that he did not offer any way forward and only dismissed the Republicans’ claims.
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan begins by saying that American values remain as strong as they were during the days of the founding fathers. He also says that Republicans’ rights come from nature and god and not from government. Going back to his theme of the founding fathers, Ryan says that the nation’s founding father secured these rights and it is up to people today to uphold those ideals.
Ryan also says that we have the right to choose our own leaders. Something interesting that he says is that he refers to “you,” which is something that Biden did not do when speaking. Other values that Ryan talks about include leadership and responsibility. A stark contrast is made over the issues of America’s founding principles. Ryan says that Republicans will reapply the founding principles while, without referring to them by name, Ryan says that the Democrats will replace America’s founding principles.
Ryan uses repetition at one stage to get a point across (he repeats the words ‘we can do this’ over and over again). Ryan then makes an appeal for everyone to work together to build a better future, and he says that Romney and himself will do just that.
Paul Ryan came across as a more positive individual than Joe Biden and spent less time attacking his opponent. While Biden is known for his negativity, Ryan speaks using pronouns to include his audience in his speech. Maybe this will backfire on him during the election because voters view him as too soft, but right now it seems to be working for him. Read More
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VP Candidates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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