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William Carpenter achieved a credit score of 776 points and a possible 8 points of the interviews score. The second candidate Alice Langley achieved a score of 719 just like Samantha but scored 8…
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VP candi s ranked as the first, second & third choice William Carpenter 2. Alice Langley 3. Tom Gretz Reasons for choosing the candidates
The three candidates have been ranked based on their credit and interviews scores. William Carpenter achieved a credit score of 776 points and a possible 8 points of the interviews score. The second candidate Alice Langley achieved a score of 719 just like Samantha but scored 8 of the interviews score. The third candidate, Tom Gretz managed a 721 points of the credit scores, 2 points more than the second candidate and 6 points of the interviews score.
Of the two sets of information used to select the candidates, a lot of weight has been focused on the interviews score since it is the one that directly relates to the job that the interviewees were being recruited for. The comments made by the candidates are not important in this selection since physical appearance may be misleading about the candidates. The comments made might be personal too thus being biased.
Show the two Assistant VP candidates ranked as your first second & third
1. Samantha Holtz
2. Page Wirtz
3. Yolanda White
Reasons for choosing the candidates
The three candidates were selected mostly on the basis of their credit score and the interviews score with the interviews score playing the major part. The first candidate, Samantha Holtz managed a credit score of 835 that marked the highest in the category and an interview score of 10 points. The second candidate, Page Wirtz managed a score of 835 points and an interview score of 9.5 points. Though with the same points, Emily is ranked the second because of the difference in the interviews points. The third Yolanda White Trees managed a credit score of 825 points, and a 9 points interview score.
I did not use personal notes in the selection of the candidates because physical appearance talks less about the ability of an individual to perform the duties assigned to. The handwriting of the candidates was not used because most of the writings in the job being recruited for is done by the computer.
Rank-order all 18 items on how important they are in the selection process
The rankings of the items used from hi to low are as follows. The position applied for, the credit score, interview score, the gender of the candidates, the experience, degree, other certificates, age, NASD series 6 and 7 respectively. From NASD 7 is Gen. Cog. Abil, P1, P2, P3, P4, the comments made by the candidate, personal notes and finally the handwriting of the candidates.
What was the imperative piece of information on each candidate that you used in these selection decisions, and why?
The single most important use of information employed in the selection of the candidates is the interviews score. The information is important because the score shows the ability of the candidate in relation to the job being interviewed for.
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VP list
1. Allison Stein
2. Alice Langley
3. Bill Teeter
4. George Trees
5. Tom Gretz
6. William Carpenter
7. William Youart
AVP list
1. Amanda Livingston
2. Barbra Trees
3. Emily Jones
4. Gorge Menedez
5. James Jones
6. Jim Lichter
7. Martin Landis
8. Page Wirtz
9. Patty Curtis
10. Samantha Holtz
11. Ward Johnson
12. Yolanda White Read More
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