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ICT and SEN - Essay Example

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Information and Communication Technologies Information and Communication Technologies Information and Communication plays a very integral role in supporting special education needs. Information and technology is basically an easy and convenient access to telecommunications…
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Extract of sample "ICT and SEN"

Download file to see previous pages There are numerous ways in which advancement in information and technology have made human life easier and have provided opportunities for many, among them is an integral role played by information and communication technology to support the need of special education. There are many changes which we experience during the information age on educational system (FLETCHER, 1995). It helps in providing equal opportunities for everything, the people who are receiving special education. Another important factor is the contribution it has in eliminating barriers which students go through in achieving special education. Special devices are implemented and installed which helps in achieving the educational benefits. ICT implementation and installment helps in supporting education and it plays a very important role (CRIVELLI, 2000).  Using information and communication technologies can play a very important role and they are basically dealing in four ways which includes using assistive ICT, augmentative ICT, remedial ICT and diagnostic ICT. It helps in diagnostic ICT and also helps special people who are facing problem and difficulties in reading, writing material, spelling words. ICT also helps in providing better help to people who are facing and going through visual, emotional along with behavioral problems PAYNE, SEYMOUR, & INGLETON, 2008). It provides help in the field of research which is conducted along with information related to important cases. It also helps teachers and trainers who are working for special education along with people who are managing various details for special education around the world. ICT helps in increasing the impact and role technology have on developing the teacher’s training, classroom assistance and also in developing an educational plan which is very effective (BENTHAM, & HUTCHINS, 2007).  ICT is an important component used today for the syllabus being made and selected along with adding few important tools and resources. It helps in designing a program which provides suitable learning process. ICT usage helps the students in getting required information and knowledge along with properly evaluating what the teachers are offering. It also helps in developing a plan for knowing the required level of information which the students hold and possess. It helps in determining level of student and helps in majorly three areas which include the didactic use of the technology, compensation use and the information it gets related to the communication. There is an important need to create conditions and environment for the students with special educational needs (MAGYAR, 2011) There is an important need to provide a technological infrastructure along with providing variety for the course which is offered and providing detail training to specialist who will be using the ICT. ICT usage have many advantages which includes increase in autonomy learning to a large extent along with finding hidden potential which people have specially when it comes to the difficulty they are facing in communication. Achievements of students are demonstrated in a larger detail which is ignored or is not given much importance when the traditional and the conventional method are used. The tasks used are for utilizing the skill set and the qualities which the individuals possess (OORSCHOT, & HVINDEN, 2001).  Some advantages of using ICT include better and easy access to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(ICT and SEN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
“ICT and SEN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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