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Practical Aspects and Difficulties Faced in the Interview Process - Essay Example

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The paper "Practical Aspects and Difficulties Faced in the Interview Process" reflects the factual nuances and hardships of the interview in the hiring process. In spite of its deficiencies, the interview is a great part of the selection process. Interviews must be combined with other tests to get a better picture of the candidates' suitability…
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Practical Aspects and Difficulties Faced in the Interview Process
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Extract of sample "Practical Aspects and Difficulties Faced in the Interview Process"

Download file to see previous pages Unless you are fortunate enough to be the owner’s son or daughter or be related to the top management in a firm, you are likely to go through the same HR selection process as everyone else who applies for a job in that organization. The HR department is entrusted with filling available positions in an organization with the staff needed to run them. The HR hiring plan is created as an outcome of a management review meeting at the beginning of the year, at which time performance is reviewed and growth plans are decided for the year, to accomplish which additional staff is required. Once the overall and departmental requirements have been budgeted, it is up to the Departmental Heads to liaise with the HR Department to decide the timing of hiring staff. A hiring requisition is filled with the details desired for a candidate profile, qualifications, job responsibilities, reporting line, etc.

After this HR can post the advertisement in the newspaper, magazines or online to get job applications. In the case of high profile jobs requiring secrecy and confidentiality, recruitment agencies or headhunters can be employed.  In the HR selection process, they have to first weed out the candidates that meet the initial criteria in terms of profile, experience, etc. Then they have to line up the selected candidates in terms of most promising and proceed to coordinate with the candidates and the departments concerned for initial tests, preliminary and in-depth interviews, and whatever else they have developed in order to screen out the best candidates from the rest of the lot. In the case of hiring candidates as Management Trainees, often a one-day Evaluation Session is conducted at an Assessment Center in which the candidates are made to take part in business games, job simulation scenarios and other decision-making processes that tell about how the candidate is likely to react and whether he would make the right decisions under pressure. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Practical Aspects and Difficulties Faced in the Interview Process Essay - 2)
Practical Aspects and Difficulties Faced in the Interview Process Essay - 2.
“Practical Aspects and Difficulties Faced in the Interview Process Essay - 2”.
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