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Nursing Research Appraisal - Essay Example

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This paper is a research appraisal of the article by Rycroft-Malone J, Harvey G, Seers K, Kitson A, M Mccormack B & Cormack Titchen A published in Journal of Clinical Nursing. The title of the article is “An exploration of the factors that influence the implementation of evidence into practice”. …
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Nursing Research Appraisal
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Extract of sample "Nursing Research Appraisal"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the study is to investigate the background of “getting evidence into practice”. In order to provide for representation of the facts that revealed during the study, the authors used a framework, reflecting the elements influencing the process. The elements that are observed by the authors to be major influencing factors are the “nature of the evidence”, the “context”, and the “facilitation”. The authors aimed at examining the components of the framework with the help of empirical enquiry approach.
The research was divided into two parts. At the first stage investigative focus groups were appointed to give a perspective of the factors that may influence the process of implementing the evidence into practice. At the second stage the experts collected the data of case studies. The designed used by the authors is effective to provide for relevant data within the research and represent them in accurate manner.
This essay declares that qualitative research involves narratives, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Powell et al give the following notion of a focus group: “a group of individuals selected and assembled by researchers to discuss and comment on, from personal experience, the topic that is the subject of the research”. Focus groups are similar to interviewing groups but they have definite distinctions. As Jones states, “Group interviewing involves interviewing a number of people at the same time, the emphasis being on questions and responses between the researcher and participants. Focus groups however rely on interaction within the group based on topics that are supplied by the researcher”. ". (p. 379) As it is stated in Research Methods, "The rule for selecting people for focus groups tends to be commonality rather than diversity. Research has shown that people tend to disclose more to people who resemble them in various ways than to people who differ from them. The kind of homogeneity you need depends on the specific purpose of the research. It is likely that you will want to consider the relevance of factors such as age, educational background, sex, professional status and ethnic formation".
All qualitative researches and this in particular are based upon analytical categorization to describe the phenomena. (Rice, P. L. & Ezzy, D, p.168) The data revealing in the research process provide for a ground to point out new categories. Thus, the authors of the study reconsidered pre-set theories and pointed out new categories to be highlighted within the research process (Gibbs). The grounded theory approach usually is "to read (and re-read) a textual database (such as a corpus of field notes) and "discover" or label variables (called categories, concepts and properties) and their interrelationships. The ability to perceive variables and relationships is termed "theoretical sensitivity" and is affected by a number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Research Appraisal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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