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This research paper discusses the article "Police Officer Performance Appraisal and Overall Satisfaction" written by David Lilley and Sameer Hinduja and published in the Journal of Criminal Justice in 2007. The article uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods to reach its hypotheses…
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Police Officer Performance Appraisal and Overall Satisfaction
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Download file to see previous pages The research paper "Police Officer Performance Appraisal and Overall Satisfaction" discusses the article "Police Officer Performance Appraisal and Overall Satisfaction" written by David Lilley and Sameer Hinduja and published in the Journal of Criminal Justice in 2007. The research problem it seeks to reflect on is performance appraisals and overall satisfaction in the Police organizations. The hypotheses reveal that higher rate training, wider evaluation standards and more weight to officer development result in higher satisfaction levels among police supervisors. The article further reveals that the external factors like level of policing and the region as well as certain internal factors like the department size do not affect satisfaction levels in the Police. The article provides a review of existing literature on the topic of dissatisfaction with the performance appraisal systems in the police organizations.
The article uses a quantitative research method and utilizes survey method to gather data. The survey included both open and closed ended questions. Data were collected from 600 law enforcement agencies on evaluation procedures adopted during the five-month period ending January 2001. The closed-ended questions provided a standard level of satisfaction for each provided question on a scale of 0-4. On the other hand, there were nine open-ended questions about the purpose and use of appraisal processes in the organizational context. And the agencies can gather information from such research papers and surveys. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Police Officer Performance Appraisal and Overall Satisfaction Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/law/1683216-police-officer-performance-appraisal-and-overall-satisfaction.
“Police Officer Performance Appraisal and Overall Satisfaction Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/law/1683216-police-officer-performance-appraisal-and-overall-satisfaction.
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