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Develop and implement a diversity policy at work place - Essay Example

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In business studies, workforce diversity is a term coined for highlighting the presence of heterogeneous workforce in the organisation (Schermerhorn, 26), who…
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Develop and implement a diversity policy at work place
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Extract of sample "Develop and implement a diversity policy at work place"

Download file to see previous pages The sales force and customer care representatives belonging to different cultures (Barak, 207) give the customer the feeling of oneness which generates favourable possibility in ensuring high sales.
The benefits at group and departmental level are huge. The organisation has bigger platform to play with the help of complementary skills and dynamic capabilities. Many minds, each one with different thoughts and view can significantly increase the number of alternatives out of which few are to be chosen. The different thoughts can bring out many aspects of the problems leading to better solution. The creativity is multiplied (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 188) and the monotony is shattered. At individual level, the employees learn about various cultures and acquire new skills with the help of each other (Daft & Lane, 442).
Diversity can be harmful to the organisations if and only if it is not recognised, accepted and well treated (Dubrin, 59). It is highly possible that difference of opinion causes conflicts which can hamper the productivity and performance. It is, therefore, crucial that organisations cater towards diversity and take effective measures to reap benefits out of it.
To provide guidelines for effective management of a diverse workforce so that it can contribute to the well being for Jims Cleaning. It ensures that no employee is discriminated on the basis of his or her gender, race, sect, religion, age, disability, economic and family background and marital status.
This policy is applicable to all the employees of Jims Cleaning, regardless of whether they are blue collar, white collar, part time, regular, permanent, or contractual. It is indifferent to their level and position in Jims Cleaning. It is based on celebrating the differences and valuing everybody.
Diversity refers to the differences in the characteristics of people and objects. In this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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