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Career develpoment plan part (iii) - Essay Example

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Career Management is an essential attribute for Organizations, which require its employees to not only function effectively, but also have a road map for their potential career growth. It is a strategic trail created for employees to know where they stand currently, and where…
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Career develpoment plan part (iii)
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"Career develpoment plan part (iii)"

Download file to see previous pages Here are three basic questions to answer:
This gives the current-state analysis of skills, capabilities, and knowledge which each individual employee holds at this point in time. They are then required to jot down the strengths and weaknesses, which they think they carry. Their self assessment is then passed on to functional managers for evaluation based on their observation about each individual. This is more like a starting point for the employee’s career, presence of which may un-block potential growth areas.
Second question which needs attention is the future-state one seeks to reach, considering the career interest, knowledge, and skills which can be enhanced. It gives a proper direction for pursuing the career one wants to stick to after gaining much experience. Mostly, career counseling or proper mentoring by experts can help in figuring out the place one desires to reach.
Lastly, figuring out the gaps between the current-state and the future-state provides structured Action Plan for achieving desired goals. Over here, it’s very critical to have realistic goals in mind, absence of which can make the efforts go invain. The action plan created acts like a detailed map, consisting of step-by-step measures required to progress.
The career map formed by the assessment acts like the initial document for carrying out the Performance Appraisal procedure, along with the Job Description and Job Responsibilities’ documents provided to employees at the time of induction.
At the time of appraisal, which is the basic step for evaluating the progress, appraisal forms (refer to Appendix A) are shared. The yearly, bi-yearly, or quarterly appraisals highlight the strengths, which have been utilized the most; and the areas of improvement of each employee separately.
Feedbacks of the appraisals are shared with the employees individually by calling private meeting in a closed room, where concerns can be shared and disagreements can be catered to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Career Develpoment Plan Part (iii) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Career Develpoment Plan Part (iii) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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