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Labor Relations and Recruitment Know-How - Coursework Example

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The paper “Labor Relations and Recruitment Know-How” examines recruitment and selection in the HR process. Aspects such as online recruitment, recruitment best practices, the pros and cons and other specific features of recruitment and selection in HR management is analyzed…
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Labor Relations and Recruitment Know-How
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Download file to see previous pages The design of the recruitment process must be attractive enough to encourage job seekers to apply, to be able to select the best-suited candidate for the job description (Meister, 2014). Before we dive deep into the selection and recruitment it is very much necessary for us to understand what selection is and what competencies are. The selection process is designed in such a way that it can help the interviewer to identify the right candidate and have the potential to benefit from the program and become the leaders of tomorrow. Today the selection process starts with the online application form, which helps in selecting the right candidate as per the qualification and experience. In the context of the essay, the selection is referred to as the selection interview, which is nothing but a process where a personnel selector observes a candidate through the behavior and attitude for the suitability of the post. It is the most necessary step in the recruitment process of any organization. The main skill that goes hand-in-hand with selection is to observe or assess the competencies of the candidate to judge the fitment of the position. Competencies are nothing but the ability to a job successfully yet efficiently. In today’s corporate world competency is the main skillset that the recruiter would look into a candidate during the selection process. Modern-day employers give great importance to the competencies of the candidates that they are interviewing for the position. They use the competency frameworks as an essential vehicle to assess the potential future effects of the candidate and also help the interviewer to review capability, performance, and potential of the employee. Two types of competencies that the interviewer would like to see in a potential candidate are behavioral and technical competencies.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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