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How HR Professionals Handle the Challenges - Essay Example

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This paper “How HR Professionals Handle the Challenges” would tell as to what challenges the human resource professionals have to face in regard to designing a better environment for the firm. It would further tell as to how these situations should be tackled by the Human Resource Department…
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How HR Professionals Handle the Challenges
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Extract of sample "How HR Professionals Handle the Challenges"

Download file to see previous pages Further, it would tell as to how these challenges should be dealt with by the professionals. It would take into view the Atkinson model of Job Flexibility and would tell as to what the professionals should do to provide the workers of the firm with a better working environment. The title of this paper is “The Challenges faced by the HR professionals when creating a better environment”.
Flexibility in an organization refers to the provision of such principles and rules which provide its employees with an environment where they can easily balance their work and personal commitments like education, social activities, family relations, professional advancement and other leisure activities. The application of flexibility in the business depends on "securing lower labor costs, tighter manning levels, higher machine utilization, greater staff mobility and few interruptions and bottlenecks in production" (Blyton 1992, p.301 cited in Sheridan, Conway 2001 pp. 8).
To understand the concept of flexibility Atkinson's model of flexibility is very useful and of paramount importance. He explains four kinds of flexibility, which firms may achieve, namely functional flexibility, numerical flexibility, pay flexibility and distancing flexibility. Functional flexibility is identified as a qualitative approach to work and talks about managements ability to organize and reorganize particular segments of the labor force on a broad variety of tasks in reply to market demand when needed (Sparrow 1998 cited in Teicher & Holland 2006 p. 241-242). The workers are given proper training in a broad number of skills in order to make its achievement certain. The unpredictable nature of consumer demands of the products makes this type of flexibility to continue in the market.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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