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Atmospheric Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources: Health Effects and Environmental Impacts - Lab Report Example

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Numerous people and firms who are liable for these emissions may fail to see the sense while they are undertaking their tasks. Since the main core, purpose presently is…
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Atmospheric Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources: Health Effects and Environmental Impacts
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Extract of sample "Atmospheric Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources: Health Effects and Environmental Impacts"

Download file to see previous pages Since some plants and those, entities responsible for immense emissions normally exceed the stated rates intentionally or some fail to purify gases prior disposing to the atmosphere. These actions have resulted to grievous impacts on humanity, animals and the surrounding they normally inhabit in diverse ways. This is especially via altered climate patterns and weather globally besides resulting to adverse human health impacts. This experiment highlights the implications, extent of Particulate matter and ozone in the atmosphere. Mainly, these according to their quantities in the air, normally yield to varied adverse health implications besides particulate matter reducing visibility when disposed in the atmosphere. However, numerous agencies mandated with the responsibility of environmental safety, have tried to implement policies meant to regulate both O3 and particulate matter, but some plants have not to date complied fully.
The experimentation entailed using online website to retrieve data regarding a selected region, year and tabulating the results according their severity. This was via accessing website and clicking “Visualize Data” then “Concentration plot” and retrieve data for Ohio (Residence county) for various years since 2003.
Initial step entails selecting “Ozone” as the first pollutant and starting from the year 2003, then the “county” , which should be maintained all through to the year 2011. The county in this case is “OH – Allen” where after each year the data retrieval will be via clicking the “Plot” button below, which will offer diverse sets of graphical representation according to the year selected. Repetition of the process is essential to obtain all the data for the years 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2011. Finally, copying and pasting of the graphical representations on the report coupled with counting the dots in various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Atmospheric Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources: Health Effects and Lab Report)
Atmospheric Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources: Health Effects and Lab Report.
“Atmospheric Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources: Health Effects and Lab Report”, n.d.
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