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A Sense of Environmental Consideration - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes several causes if climate change. These may range from social causes, economic and natural causes. In other words, the causes of climate change can be categorized into two major groups namely anthropogenic causes as well as natural causes of climate change…
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A Sense of Environmental Consideration
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Download file to see previous pages Ecological deterioration results from several sources. However, these sources can fall under two categories namely natural and anthropogenic causes. Anthropogenic causes of environmental degradation include industrial activities, mining, agriculture and developmental infrastructure. The success of all these activities revolves around the modification of the environment in several ways. The constructions of industries require space. As such, vegetations are cleared to create space for such constructions. This renders the soil void of vegetation, thus, exposes it to threats of soil erosion (Nemeth, 2012). This leads to environmental degradation through loss of soil fertility, thus reducing the agricultural potentials. This culminates to food crises. The loss of vegetation through environmental degradation is critical n causing the issues of global warming. This follows that there will be little or no vegetation to absorb the temperature as well as the light from the sun. In addition, the loss of vegetation means little incidences of surface albedo (Nemeth, 2012). Therefore, the surface reflectivity of the sun’s rays will be hampered. This means that more heat will be absorbed by the surface of the soil and will be released gradually to the atmosphere. This causes global warming. The increased temperatures in the atmosphere may affect the ozone layer, causing its depletion. This may be responsible for changing the weather patterns thereby affecting several activities on the global perspective. Environmental degradation may also follow the activities of several industries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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