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Critically assess the sustainability policy of a leisure/events business and create linkages to the Triple-Bottom-Line theory - Essay Example

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Particularly, ‘Organise This Limited’ was launched in 2004 as an event management business determined to arrange events in an environmentally pleasant manner. The company started by providing services to customers where sustainability schemes were delivered without affecting…
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Critically assess the sustainability policy of a leisure/events business and create linkages to the Triple-Bottom-Line theory
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Extract of sample "Critically assess the sustainability policy of a leisure/events business and create linkages to the Triple-Bottom-Line theory"

Download file to see previous pages s decisions as well as actions that are in the interests of defending the natural earth, with specific stress on conserving the potential of the environment to sustain human existence. It is a significant issue in the existing time, as people are realising the entire influence that companies as well as individuals can have on the environment.
Environmental sustainability is regarding dependable decisions that will lessen the business harmful effect on the environment (Haddad, p. 32). It is not merely about decreasing the level of waste the company produce or utilizing a reduced amount of energy, but is linked with creating procedures that will make businesses very sustainable during the upcoming times.
At this time, environmental sustainability is a contemporary concern getting a lot of consideration from the media as well as from various governmental sectors, an outcome of the amount of research for evaluating the effect that human activity can have on the environment. Even though the continuing inferences of this serious concern are not yet completely recognized, it is usually approved that the threat is high enough and calls for an urgent reaction. Companies are likely to lead within the field of environmental sustainability as they are thought to be the major contributors and are as well at a post where they can make a considerable difference. Businesses can possibly cause harm to the entire environment, for instance,
In past, the majority of businesses have operated with almost no consideration for the harmful effect they have on the environment. A number of large as well as small businesses are accountable for drastically contaminating the surroundings and undertaking activities that are just not sustainable. Nonetheless, now there are growing number of companies that are dedicated to decreasing their negative effect and even making efforts to have a positive effect on environmental sustainability (Haddad, p. 56).
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Critically Assess the Sustainability Policy of a leisure/Events Essay - 1.
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