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Anthropogenic Climate Change - Annotated Bibliography Example

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"Anthropogenic Climate Change" paper provides a brief review and analysis of various scientific articles on whether humans caused the current climate change and derives that climate change being a natural hazard that encompasses both meteorological and geological issues.  …
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Anthropogenic Climate Change
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Extract of sample "Anthropogenic Climate Change"

Download file to see previous pages The alarmist camp that feels anthropogenic changes have harmed the environment causing global warming and is likely to create further adverse effects in the future includes the Western governments, the United Nations, large corporations, majority of the free press, churches, various scientific bodies and a large segment of the common public (Boykoff, 2007, 477). Despite the widespread support, there is no scientific evidence that conclusively distinguishes the dangers stemming from human-induced climate change. Therefore, there is a strong conflict between the level of alarm raised and an evidence-based justification to prove the cause for alarm. According to experts, climate change encompasses both meteorological and geological aspects, and all forms of climate changes that include both cooling and warming, create a social and environmental hazard. Geological hazards are dealt with by providing evidence-based, accurate information about impending events like floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and later by adjusting to and managing the adverse effects of the natural calamity. Therefore trying to halt climate change, by decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by humans is both expensive and futile (Wagner, Aaby and Visscher, 2002, 12013). Therefore, climate policies logically must be founded on adapting to the adverse changes as and when they take place, irrespective of causes and signs.  Therefore, climate change must be handled in a manner geo-hazards are tackled, rather than framing policies based on alarmist views of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the UN.

The major part of the argument on anthropogenic climate change is predicated by two self-contradictory hypotheses. The first one claims of a ‘consensus’ of various climate experts and scientists that human-caused climate changed have led to global warming which is dangerous and threatening the world; while the second one claims are despite being ‘two sides to the argument,’ the side that supports global warming is quantitatively stronger. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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