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The different factors and effects of Air Pollution policies between China and UK - Essay Example

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28 October 2013 The Different Factors and Effects of Air Pollution Policies between China and the UK Introduction Air pollution means different things to different people. Some view it as the cause of reduced visibility for air traffic and automobiles, while others as the cause of respiratory diseases, and damaged vegetation (Agarwal 6)…
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The different factors and effects of Air Pollution policies between China and UK
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"The different factors and effects of Air Pollution policies between China and UK"

Download file to see previous pages According to Gurjar, Molina and Ojha, air polluting emissions “occur at many stages in the life cycles of products and services, that is, from raw material extraction, energy acquisition, production and manufacturing, use, reuse, recycling, through to ultimate disposal” (1). After being released, the emissions go through different chemical and physical changes leading to a variety of impacts on the environment and health of living things. In recent years, air pollution has caused harmful effects to human life. It has been realized that incidences of chronic illnesses have been constantly rising; the incidences and seriousness of acute illnesses have also increased, as well as mortality rates. Together with the health effects institute, Bates and Kennedy assert that “when air pollution began to have a significant deleterious effect on human life , it became necessary to discover and understand the links between emission sources and the air quality deterioration and health effects they cause” (162). Currently, environmental social movement groups such as Greenpeace and Amnesty international are playing a significant role in influencing negotiations over environmental protection and management of oceans, the ozone layer, and nuclear deployments. In addition to that, they aid in enforcing national compliance with international mandates (Goodwin and Jasper 227). Scientist’s currently consider climate change, which is caused by air pollution as one of the most serious problems the world faces. Furthermore, the entire globe is also faced by the looming grave threat of global warming, which is a serious environmental security issue. In fact, climate change has a major impact on all aspects of human social and economic life (Yu 37). China’s Environmental History The environmental history of China is quite unique compared to that of other nations. Apart from being “one of the largest and most climatically diverse countries on the planet” (Leibo 52), its population has been historically larger than that of other societies around the world. This “has seen Chinese territory significantly more impacted by human activity than the usual situation elsewhere” (Leibo 52). China was also among the most biologically diverse and affluent places on earth four thousand years ago. Ironically, the very rich biodiversity in China was the main explanation it has supported one-third of the human population at any given time. Initially, the effects of the large population on China’s environment were insignificant. However, with the subsequent spread and development of agriculture and clearance of farmland, the impact of the human population on the environment has become perceptible. The twentieth century has also been marked with the emergence of a consumer culture coupled with rapid industrialization. This has resulted in the rapid ecological degradation in China. Five Year Plan (1953-1957) and the Great Leap Forward (1958-1960) The five year (1953-1957) soviet inspired plan was adopted during the Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong’s era (Marks 273). This was due to his dissatisfaction with the Soviet model, because he concluded that it would lead the People’s Republic of China away from realizing their dream of attaining a socialist country. He instead adopted a ‘Maoist’ path, fast industrialization of a socialist China, with rapidly collectivized agriculture spearheading the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...and better livelihoods. This population build up in China towns predisposes the environment to the risk of air pollution. For instance, Beijing alone has a population of more that 22 million people, a figure that is more than double the population in New York City (Policy and Global Affairs, 2005). As people obtain job in the urban areas, they have the ability to purchase vehicles that run by diesel or petrol. For instance, in Beijing, every day the town experience an increase in its automotive by a figure of 2000 new cars. This trend promises an increase in the rate of air pollution and an increase in the adverse...
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...a control over its territory including the environment. The realists argue that the environment in this cases the Chinese environment and the nations in the international union of nations are affected by the activities of a particular nation. The environment is therefore relevant in the understanding of security of nations in so far as it influences the geopolitical issues that have a bearing on the stability and relative power of states. The air pollution by China grants a key security matter as the effects associated with it affect the geopolitical factors that contribute the relative power of the states and the distribution of power in the...
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Air pollution in China the extensive air and water pollution. The country’s economy continues to suffer great loses as the country continues to lose its vital resources while it no longer attracts potential investors most of who site the health problems related to the adverse air and water pollution in the country (World Bank, 1995). However, curbing pollution in the country is still difficult owing to the lack of effective policy to control the growth of industrialization in the country. References Bytnerowicz, A. (2008). Wild land fires and air pollution. Oxford: Elsevier Science. Dasgupta, S., Hua, W....
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...which derives its authority from its social contract for providing better quality life to the people. The increase in both indoor and outdoor air pollution in China due to rapid industrialization, urbanization and economic growth adversely affects its people’s healthy, ecology and economy, thus the adoption of critical measures to curb the problem. Nature of China’s Air Pollution The contributing factor to China’s air pollution is its rapid economic growth, urbanization and industrialization. He, Huo, and Zhang observe the proportion of China’s urban to...
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..., Changhong, et al. "Low-carbon energy policy and ambient air pollution in Shanghai, China: a health-based economic assessment." Science of the Total Environment 373.1 (2007): 13-21. (Google scholar) Colin G. Pooley et al “Coping with congestion: responses to urban traffic problems in British cities c.1920–1960” Journal of Historical Geography, Volume 31, Issue 1, January 2005, Pages 78-93 (science direct) Jon, Inge et al “The Oslo and Bergen toll rings and road-building investment – Effect on traffic development and congestion” Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 16, Issue 3, May 2008, Pages 174-181 (science direct) Mun S. Ho, Chris et al. “Clearing...
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