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Global Warming and Climate Changes - Term Paper Example

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The author of the paper discusses environmental problems stating that it is already too late to address the current colossal effects of pollution on the environment and the only way to redeem ourselves is to adopt technology as an aide to developing cleaner solutions…
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Global Warming and Climate Changes
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Extract of sample "Global Warming and Climate Changes"

Download file to see previous pages Both developed and developing countries air pollution is a common hazard. While acid rain is more common in developed nations, serious air pollution is more common in developing nations. Millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide and nitrogen are released into the atmosphere by industry and vehicles. These gases react with rain, mist, snow etc and fall as acid rain, far removed point of origin being transported by winds that blow. Air pollution is considered to be worst in Canada, USA, Central, and northern Europe. Other pollutants include volatile organic compounds or VOC, associated with vehicle emissions like ammonia and ozone-forming near the surface of earth fuelled by the combination of nitrogen oxides and VOCs. Lead pollution has been curbed in developed nations but the leaded petrol still being sold affects developing nations. 450000 tonnes of lead released by humans every year, vehicle exhausts being a major cause.
Pollution of our water resources is another area of concern. The numerous bodies of water are now big dumping grounds. 83% of all marine pollution is from land-based activities. Agricultural pesticides and herbicides, domestic and industrial sewage with toxic oils, human waste and radioactive wastes have contributed to declining water quality. Accidental oil seepage from refineries adds to the pollution and upsets the very fragile marine life and the ecosystem. Sellafield, UK and Cap de la Hague, France has been blamed for local deaths and sickness due to polluted water. Unclean water kills 25 million people in developing nations every year at least three-fifths of them being children. Third world countries that do not have enough potable water force people to draw water from contaminated sources that harbor pathogens, or carriers of disease.
The increase in population around the world has heralded a burst of numerous problems. Their increasing need for food and housing has accelerated the degradation of soil and forest resources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Global Warming and Climate Changes Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words)
Global Warming and Climate Changes Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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