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These advancements have been accompanied by many alterations in the ecological pattern of the world. The changes that have occurred in the environment in the world are…
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Environmental Issues The human mind has developed and there have been many inventions and scientific breakthroughs in the world. These advancements have been accompanied by many alterations in the ecological pattern of the world. The changes that have occurred in the environment in the world are mainly due to the activities of the people in this world. These deviations from the normal ecology have served to bring about changes which have made life difficult for human beings as well as other species on the planet. The environmental issue of concern is global warming which has mainly been inflicted by the human activities. It is a threat to the environment because it has led to an increase in the temperature of the world which has been accompanied by other ecological alterations (Houghton 2004).
Global warming as the name indicates is a worldwide problem which has been explained by Sir David King who is the chief scientific adviser of the UK government in the following words, “Climate change is a far greater threat to the world than international terrorism” (BBC, 2004). Global warming is basically a rise in the temperature of the world. The increased release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has been identified as a major reason for global warming. This results due to the increased usage of motor vehicles which have been linked with emissions of carbon in the atmosphere. Furthermore, increased industrialization has also resulted in an increase in the release of these gases into the atmosphere. Deforestation accompanied with the forest fires are also major reasons for the rise in the global temperature across the world (Chemical & Engineering News, 2005; Desonie, 2008).
Strict regulations are essential for all the contributors of global warming. It has been seen that laws have been passed with regard to controlling the emission of gases from the motor vehicles. Research is underway for the creation of ways that limit the passage of gases into the atmosphere. Permafrost is one such substance which limits the release of the emissions into the atmosphere. But its efficiency is also reducing. The best method to control global warming is to limit the release of gases into the atmosphere and hence this would limit the raise in the temperature of the world (Bhargava 2004; Desonie, 2008; Tesar, 1991).
The issue of global warming needs to be tackled as it is an issue of concern. It can lead to severe effects for the environment of the world. The increased temperature across the globe can result in the melting of glaciers which would then be followed by the rise in the sea level owing to the fact that the water drains into the reservoirs of the earth. This can result in serious issues like flooding. The severity of the issue can increase to an extent that small islands can actually be wiped out from the global map owing to the rise in the water levels. The increase in the heat waves and the floods in the twentieth century across the globe can be attributed to this serious issue of global warming (Bhargava 2004).
Therefore, it can be seen that the issue of global warming is truly a matter of international concern. The problem is led to mainly by human activities and results in altering the normal ecology of the world. This should be controlled to prevent the disastrous effects that ma result due to the problem of global warming.
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