An investigation into the use of science by one environmental advocacy body in relation to environmental issues - Assignment Example

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An Investigation into the Use of Science by One Environmental Advocacy Body In Relation To Environmental Issues Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Contribution of Greenpeace to Debate on Climate Change 4 Values and Interests/Advocacy Positions 5 5 Use of Science to Support Its Values and Interests 7 Conclusion 10 Introduction During the present era, a historic significant debate has come into concern in this emerging world…
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An investigation into the use of science by one environmental advocacy body in relation to environmental issues
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Download file to see previous pages The memorandum also concerns about how to guide the human beings for understanding the responsibility to prevent the world from the dangerous interferences of the environment change. Though every government of the industrialised nations had agreed to take adequate measures by setting specific targets as well as timetables for the reduction of carbon-dioxide emission along with other greenhouse gases but such initiatives have not resulted in any concrete outcomes as the entire world is witnessing an escalation of varied critical environmental concerns day-by-day (Hohnen, n.d.). Therefore, with regard to this booming issue, Greenpeace, a non-profit organisation has devoted its activities in order to improve as well as preserve the ecology of the planet as well as environment (Greenpeace, 2013). The objective of the report is to measure the contribution to debate on climate change by Greenpeace and to critically assess the connection between its values and interests, its advocacy positions and its use of science. Contribution of Greenpeace to Debate on Climate Change Greenpeace is a globally recognised non-profit organisation that executes passive actions to reduce the prevalent threats to environment. Greenpeace aims to shield as well as conserve the environment through promoting peace by revealing, investigating as well as confronting ecological abuses. The organisation has driven its initiatives by holding a lot of conferences challenging the political as well as trade along with industry powers that are being involved in performing certain detrimental activities for the environment. Greenpeace is the voice of millions of followers worldwide who are environmentally as well as socially responsible for the current as well as future generation. In addition, for inspiring the whole world regarding the concern about environmental cleanliness, the organisation has highlighted various issues through media releases, meetings, by organising petitions as well as through its websites among others. In 1992, after the contractual signature of the FCCC, the head of Greenpeace science team named Dr. Leggett wrote a book on the causes as well as consequences of the climate change. Along with it, Dr. Leggett also conducted meetings with numerous industrialists for sharing the assessment of climate science as well as its implications. In this context, Greenpeace acquires massive affirmative responses from insurance industry for starting the scientific reinforcement through evaluating the risk to the future world. In terms of involvement, the organisation continuously raises its voice against Canada for protecting the Arctic from oil spills. The oil companies always endeavour to demonstrate political power and impulsively pollute water as well as air that are threatening people’s conventional way of existence. Besides, Greenpeace also makes constructive approaches in order to reduce the scientific chemical hazards that fatally harm the ecology of the world. Standing on this solemn situation of the globe, the organisation has promoted a lot of pertinent policies for eliminating the bane of such critical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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