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Environmental Issues: Global Warming - Essay Example

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This essay discusses environmental issues and describes and analyzes the topic of global warming. The researcher focuses on two question discussed: is global waming due to human actions and can the human race take actions to stop global warming today. …
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Environmental Issues: Global Warming
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Extract of sample "Environmental Issues: Global Warming"

Download file to see previous pages This is the basis of much sadness that has come about within the ranks of environmental changes and has been discussed at length by the people. It has been discussed through research that trees are the single most significant aspect of the environment that actually provide some form of solace to the living beings and make the atmosphere pleasant on a consistent basis. This is the reason why trees are being planted across the board in different parts of the world where people have started to comprehend the nuances of global warming and how badly it is affecting them on an out and out level. What is even more distressing to note is the fact that global warming is getting increased with the cutting down of trees because their chopping essentially means that a lot of problems come about and the human beings, plants and animals suffer on this count more and more (Dispensa, 2003). This is the reason why many living beings are time and again experiencing different atmospheric conditions, haphazard environmental concerns and excessive pollution which makes it even more distressing for the people who reside within this world. The earthquakes, storms, hurricanes have increased which is a cause of concern for just about everyone. There is immense concentration paid towards the fact that global warming should be taken off the list of world’s problems. This is because there are some people who believe that nature is one thing that man has little control about. What these critics seem to forget is the fact that they themselves are a part of this nature, and they can make or break nature in any way they like. The critics do not understand the anomalies that global warming is bringing to this world. If only they would...
The researcher of this essay discusses that it would be fairly adequate to say that global warming for the sake of humanity has come up at a wrong juncture. Since the technological world of today is pacing ahead, and that too at a very quick speed, the global warming debates take the backseat all along. The priorities of the people are inherently different and these must be understood properly to make sure that human beings do not give any less importance to the same. Global warming will always remain an essential subject of discussion, and it cannot be denied its due right at all. The researcher calla that human beings need to act and that too act now for things to shape up in a good enough way. Otherwise this world will be back to the times of stone age. Possible causes of global warming, such as pollution, carbon emissions, cutting down of trees and bidding farewell to the flowers that nature has given to mankind are also presented and analyzed in the essay. If human beings cannot be grateful to nature for the same, then they have no right whatsoever to dismantle the natural phenomena that exist. If they do so, there are other calamities that lie in the waiting to dawn upon them. All said and done, human race’s action will eventually save just about everyone who exists in this world, and this also includes not only the human beings but also the plants and animals. In conclusion, ecosystem will be benefited immensely and this is one premise that is deemed as a very pertinent one. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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