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It is the first panoramic book that focuses on the conservation of the environment and history in Mexico. He explores the beginning of the conversation and environmental issues in that country together with…
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Defending the land of the Jaguar
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Defending the Land of the Jaguar The book Defending the Land of the Jaguar was written by Lane Simonian. It is the first panoramic book that focuses on the conservation of the environment and history in Mexico. He explores the beginning of the conversation and environmental issues in that country together with the philosophies and endeavors. In order to write the book the author had to interview Mexican conservatives and know the conservation laws and programs that were put in place. The main thesis of the author is the environmental issues and those of development.
Mexico is one of the few countries that are interested in the conservation of their natural resources. According to their conservatives, they are the most passionate. Even with their long history of dedication in the pursuit of development regardless of their environmental consequences, they have a long much less developed and appreciated tradition of conservation of the environment.
The author has used various sources in this published work. He has talked to some of the nation’s conservatives. Other than talking to them, he has sources from the works of various Mexican conservatives. Most of them are modern Mexican conservatives. He has taken their works and combined them in a good order and come up with the book. He has also used the historic knowledge of the Mesoamerican civilizations since they had their own ideas of environmental conservation. The way the evidence and sources used by the author, it makes them look like a series of lectures.
The author has incorporated his evidence well with the writings in his book. Most of his sources being historic it is easy for him to integrate them. For instance in page two he cites “The pre-Conquest Indians of Mexico were with qualifications, the region’s first conservationists. In some instances, they carefully managed the natural world in a conscious attempt to impede environmental degradation… Yet at the same time, the ancient people of Mexico often held religious belief and engaged in agricultural practices that resulted in the exploitation of the environment.”
More evidence is cited in page twenty nine - “Early in the seventeenth century, the cosmographer Henrico Martinez one of the most dire [sic] warnings. According to Martinez, soils erode from mountainous plots were filling in the lakes of the region. Since the amount of rain remained constant, the water had no where to go but over the rim of the lakes, inundating the city.”
With the evidence sited from the different sources by the author, it easy helps in understanding the main thesis of the book which is based on the history of environmental conservation in Mexico.
The author has used a qualitative method in his writing. He looks at the issue of conservation and how it affects the nationalists in Mexico. He looks into it giving it a historical perspective first then brings in the modern perspectives. He gives an account for all the challenges that are faced in the process of environmental conservation.
The author has done a good job in organizing his work well. The chapters have an easy flow and are easy to follow. Everything is explained in a chronological order which makes it easy for any reader to follow and know how the matter being addressed came to be.
In conclusion, the author has clearly done a good job at covering his thesis well, which is environmental conservation. I enjoyed what the author thinks about the matters and issues of environmental conservation. The arrangement of the book and their chapters and the encouragement in conserving the national resources is what I liked the most. The book has rich history of Mexico and applicable to any historian or environmental science student.
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Lane Simonian. Defending the Land of the Jaguar. University of Texas Press. 1995. Read More
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